24 Hours in Hong Kong Review in Photos – A year end Delta Elite Mileage Run!

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As you read this I am just about back stateside after a quick whirlwind tour of Hong Kong. This was one of those deals I just could not pass up as it was under $400 round trip and thanks to my buddy TexasYankee there were Delta One seats to be had with Global Upgrade certs. I will have a full review on the A330 reverse herringbone seats as well as what was the best steak I have had on an airline ever. But for today I thought I would just share in photos a tour of the 24 hours or so I had in Hong Kong. You can click on any photo to start a full screen slide show and then just click next, next, next.


























This really is an amazing city and I would like to come back for a much longer visit as well as visit Macau and make time to dive, fish and so much more. A 10 day visit will happen one day with @mrsrenespoints but this was a great way to get a quick taste of HKG! – René


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  1. My husband and I went to Hong Kong way back in May of whatever year delta first began service there. The plane was virtually empty so we got our pick of sets of three seats to stretch out on for the 15 hour flight from Alaska to Hong Kong. We were visiting my brother and his wife who took us on an amazing tour of that fabulous city. My husband still has the three suits he had hand tailored there though they quit fitting long ago. I’ll never forget the flight into the city – felt like you couldn’t possibly not hit a building while landing. We also saw all these people talking on portable phones while walking around the city. Now there was a missed opportunity! Thanks for reminding me of great memories of one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.

  2. Oh wow, we must’ve been there at the same time! I just got back from my own 24 hours in HKG mileage run!

  3. Not just Hong Kong but the whole island is spectacular. The stunning contrast between the city and other side of island is worth the extra travel, both beautiful and a must see in their own right. Also drive from Airport to hotel at night reveals one of the worlds magnificent skylines IMO. Finally, it was cool to view from the plane miles and miles of hundreds – maybe thousands – of cargo ships waiting their turn in Hong Kong’s port, one of the largest in the world.

  4. Hey I’m pretty sure we were on the same flight Seattle to hk on Thursday! I saw your wifi renespoints on the plane. Hong Kong is amazing but I agree with you that you need at least a week to 10 days to see everything.

  5. Rene, Very nice! Next time be sure to take the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour. It is the best 35 cent ride in the world. Mrs. Renespoints would probably like the trip at 8pm to view the laser light show over the harbour.

  6. @Rene great picks.Had to skip out of that mileage run i think i had around the same time you went due to an unplanned mishap. Now scrambling for a last min 15-20k run before curtain call. Any advise 🙂

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