I have 52 Delta HOOU coupons EXP 31DEC16 – First come – First “served” (Oh, that’s funny)!

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Who needs some HOOUS? I have, thanks to reader Dwight, a rather LARGE stack of them (50 from him and 2 from me). Let’s be really clear on what these are. You can use them in coach DOMESTICALLY (since drinks are free international in all cabins) to get:

  • A Beer
  • A Cocktail
  • A Wine Split
  • A Headset

And that’s it. Clearly you have to be over 21 to use the drink bits. They MUST be used by 31DEC16 this year so if you are NOT flying before then please do not comment below.

This is not a drawing – this is first come first served so just comment below on the blog. Let me know how many you want and can really use and once we reach 52 requests they are gone. I will USPS mail them to you ASAP. Please be reasonable in your request (IE don’t ask for 20) so others can benefit from Dwight’s kindness to the blog! – René

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  1. Rene!
    I have 6 flights between Tuesday and Sunday and can consume up to 2 drinks per flight if your generosity extends that far!

  2. I could definitely use four (or less if not that many available) on my upcoming round trip flight from Nashville to LA.

  3. 4 please of you can get them to me by tomorrow! Would need them for a flight out Thursday morning

  4. Holidays with the in-laws… love ’em, but a couple of drinks will probably be to everyone’s benefit. Cheers!

  5. 2 please, flying to and from St. Paul end of the month for pending birth of grandchild #6! Looks like I am near your limit but if you have any left let me know and I’ll email mailing address. Thanks.

  6. I have 8 to add to your list of give aways. They’re good through 1/31/2017
    Thanks for all you do.

  7. If you have any left, I sure would love a couple! Flying down to Florida this month, on a connecting flight, and back. It would help make things merrier!

  8. 2 please, if there are still some availble from DDiamond. Flying to DC with my family to scope out neighborhoods for an upcoming relocation. Thanks

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