Is Delta Air Lines “finally” getting serious about cleaning their dirty jets? “Strive for 5” cleaning!

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The other day in my seat back pocket I found a card. Yes, there is a bit of irony finding this, not in my seat, but in the seat back pocket where it had been placed from another flight where it had been placed on the seat (I was told that is where they are left by Delta folks).

strive for five Delta employee rewards delta points blog

If you are not familiar with the bolded and underlined bit in the card above, Delta is telling us they want to “STRIVE for 5” – that is, a 5 on the survey they send out to many of us after our flights that I broke on the blog back in 2013. Also, if you did not know, when we give say all 5s for the flight attendants on our flight the entire flight crew gets a small bonus that can become CA$H. Yep – that is why I ALWAYS just click 5s on each and every FA survey I get and love that what I do can reward these folks who work so hard to take care of us frequent flyers.


But back to the card at the top of this post. In a blog reader survey a while back only 10% of readers felt Delta jets were “fine” or clean. I had another post years ago talking about how nasty, in general, all jets really can be. Plus, “we” travelers, are sometimes just gross and don’t make the cleaning crews jobs any better (yuck).


But what surprises me most about this survey card from Delta is that they are using the Strive for 5 with cleaning since it is my understanding that cleaning crews are contract labor and not working for Delta CORP and thus not able to take part in the survey bonus money. Maybe this has changed but I did not want to reach out and bug Delta with this question. Maybe some readers know the inside skinny on this and if they can get a bonus for clean jet surveys now.

Either way I am happy Delta is paying attention to the state of jets as with so many quick turns I have come to accept that Delta jets really are simply not going to be “that” clean. Maybe that is going to change during 2017! Have you seen these Cabin Cleaning Crew cards on your seat? – René



  1. Economy is what it is, but at the very least I expect first class to always be clean.

    Since most planes only have 16 or fewer FC seats, this shouldn’t be difficult to do, even with a quick turn.

  2. It really annoys me when trash is clearly visible on the floor or the seats. I know the cleaning crew is rushed when, let’s be honest, many of the turnaround times aren’t realistic. What’s more disgusting is when they don’t thoroughly clean the lavatories between flights.

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