You can now register for CLEAR at many Delta Sky Clubs! A “must have” Travel Perk

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Have you seen these in Delta Sky Clubs?

I. Love. Clear – Period! It is amazing and I stand by the statement that it is a life altering travel perk and “better than chocolate“. I will give you a recent example to help illustrate this.

Last week I cleared customs in seconds due to Mobile Passport (that is also life changing btw). I no longer use Global Entry any time I can use Mobile Passport as it is WAY faster and simpler. But after clearing customs I had to re-clear security to enter the airport again but there was a LONG line and no TSA PreCheck outside the customs point. What does one do then?


FREE next door at Centurion!

Simple – I exited the airport and went back up to the normal lines that had both PreCheck and CLEAR and was walking into the new SEA Delta Sky Club in minutes and left waiting for the rest of those flying with me from Hong Kong to catch up. I endured the wait with some over priced bubbly wine (I paid with a gift card, not SkyMiles btw). 😉

But notice the photo at the very top of this post. During the past few weeks of flying I have seen a number of Delta HUB Sky Clubs CLEAR sign-up stations.


And with help from @laptoptravel, who often guest posts here on the blog, we can see that they are ready most days to help you to quickly sign up for CLEAR and it is after all FREE for Diamonds and even discounted for other elites as well as for Delta AMEX card holders (another perk of card membership).

Bottom line is there is no reason not to get CLEAR as they are making it so simple to sign up. Next time you are at a Delta Club take a few minutes and join – you will thank me later! – René


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  1. Signed up for CLEAR last month in Austin but haven’t had a chance to use it yet to bypass TSAPre lines. I suspect it should come in handy, especially during peak times. In ATL I also exit the airport after customs EVERY TIME since the lines and attitudes are awful for TSA re-check. Simply drop off your checked bag (if applicable) and “exit stage right”. Go up escalator into new International Terminal and whisk thru security.

  2. Mobile Passport vs Global Entry? I asked ICE officials at JFK last month, and they said GE is much preferred as MP still has oral interview which can get slow.

  3. Any idea what clubs in ATL have this offering? I am traveling a ton all weekend and it sure would be nice to get signed up.

  4. Traveled into Miami a few months ago. I had global entry, my sister used MP. I cleared 15 minutes faster.

  5. So i have signed up but have not been to an airport that has the final steps of retinal scan etc….so they now do this at the skyclubs?? Or is it just for sign up?

  6. @Steve – Any airport that now has CLEAR has a signup point pre-security. But now in the clubs as well (well at least a number of them).

  7. Used MP for the first time in Houston today and it stunk. They stuck all the non-US Citizens in the MP line. The folks in the back of the plane cleared immigration/customs before we did. What’s the point if anyone can get in the line???

  8. Rene….wanted to give an update on what I found out regarding registration in Sky Clubs. I tweeted @Delta and @Clear……@Delta told “I don’t have any information on clear registration. Any information about this will be available on” @Clear told me “We are not yet in the Atlanta airport. We will announce a launch date soon.” I also reached out to the reps in both the A17 and the B Sky Club in ATL and they didn’t even know what clear was……rep in B told me this had not been discussed in their briefings which only leads me to believe that MAYBE this will start once they put regular registration in Atlanta and maybe DTW is the only airport doing it since it is already a Clear airport.

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