SPG Platinums now can Upgrade to Delta 1st Class AND Comfort+ seats – #KeepClimbing Delta & SPG!

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A quick update today from the Delta news & updates page that SPG Platinums can now upgrade, not just to 1st class, but also to Comfort+ or C+ seats as well on Delta marketed flights THE DAY OF DEPARTURE.

There are a few things you need to know. First off you have to sign up for Crossover Rewards and that is a sweet program and Delta was the first to have a real hotel and airline tie-in like this.

Next, you have to choose if you want to auto upgrade or, later after ticketing, choose to request the upgrade to C+. This you may want to think hard about like Delta medallions do each and every flight (or at least should think about).

While this may not seem like a big deal it really is. C+ seats, while often called a “Side Grade” by me because the C+ seats are the same as the rest of coach do come with free adult beverage and some better snacks (depending on how long the flight is) and extra leg room. To get a shot at this free as a hotel elite is impressive and your shot as an SPG Delta “elite” at a C+ seat will be much better than a chance at a real 1st class seat upgrade (unless you are flying weekends or certain medallion light routes that is).

Bottom line, I am impressed Delta is expanding the SPG Crossover Rewards program and not cutting it after the Marriott merger – well – at least so far that is! – René





  1. As a 12 year Platinum, I have some concerns about this. Is it reciprocal? 92 segments this year and 4 upgrades. At what point does Delta ask, “Is my new policy going to adversely impact my current customers”?
    Rene, I like when I see the upgrade list and see the Diamond’s + 1 ahead of me and I loose out by 1. You had mentioned that this would be rare, respectfully, I disagree.

  2. @John – Need to make you Diamond. A card or two or a mileage run or two and you will never want to be Platinum again. BTW this SPG change will have little impact on anyone but SPG elites who will find themselves in C+ seats now and that is a nice free upgrade for hotel status.

  3. By extension this is every Marriott Rewards platinum, as a Marriott platinum is now automatically a platinum with SPG (and vice versa).

  4. Will the crossover also apply to my traveling companion? The wife and I are traveling on tickets booked and paid for by me.

  5. @JakePB – See CR FAQs page on Delta.com:
    How many traveling companions will receive Crossover Rewards benefits when an SPG Platinum elite member is flying Delta?
    Baggage fee waivers are available for up to three passengers traveling in the same reservation as the SPG Platinum elite member. Priority Boarding is also available for up to eight passengers traveling in the same reservation as the SPG Platinum elite member. Please see Crossover Rewards Terms and Conditionsopens in a new window for more details.


  6. So are they behind FO on the upgrade list then? Nevertheless, still a little annoying for people like me (DL PM who often have to make SDC’s for work) – unless of course they aren’t ticketed the upgrade until 30 min prior to boarding.

  7. Will this work on award tickets too? I have a an award ticket on Delta this week, am SPG Platinum. Don’t see an option for complimentary upgrade. Do I need to call and ask?

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