Yesterday’s post got me thinking – Why are there not more AC outlet power banks / bricks choices?

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This will recharge my laptop – but only ONCE!

Yesterday I ordered two high capacity (but very low priced) battery bricks to be able to have one always plugged in and ready to go and one to have on the go. I look forward to being able to review how good they are and they arrive on Monday so I will have my first thoughts on the blog Tuesday. But those are for my phone and tablet. The above is another batter brick (book would be more accurate as it is HUGE) but it does a sweet job of charging my laptop from almost dead to full power (only ONCE but it does it). It is “cheap-ish” for what it does and it even has a USB port if I need that but that is not the purpose of this unit. But it has one huge failing.


I have to drag out a new set of cords to plug into the brick and then into my laptop. Not a “major” deal but still a pain. And thus the question for today’s weekend post to those who maybe are in the tech industry and can help. Why are there not more power bricks with standard AC power outlets? I mean a search on AMAZON yields only a few choices, like the one you see above, and these are of decent power but still lower than the one I have that is well under half the price for 2k less power reserves. I guess I would be willing to upgrade for this amazing convenience and for a bit more money than my current brick but not for that much more (maybe I am just too cheap frugal).

Now I can hear you MAC folks yelling at the screen – get a MAC BOOK AIR as you can run it all day long on a single charge yada yada yada. I am happy for you. I am a PC guy and my laptop, while older, is like a comfy pair of leather gloves that I adore. Well other than the fact that it only gives me enough power for about 4-6 hours of work before I need to recharge it.

I don’t know maybe I am just being silly for wanting what is not practical or common place in the market right now. You tell me – would you like to see standard AC outlets on more power banks? – René

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  1. I’m hoping that this is a problem that will be solved when USB-C becomes the charging port for the majority of laptops.

  2. A typical laptop is going to pull anywhere between 60W-90W.
    Typically ~20V and 3-5Amps. To get a power-bank that charges that – it will require a battery that charges your laptop battery it’s probably going to be twice the size of the laptop battery itself. It’s not really practical to carry around, and with a laptop (except the super thin ones) you can just get an external battery and swap/charge them anyway.

  3. I’m a Mac guy but don’t get a MacBook Air. Please. In fact my recommendation for all Mac laptop products is on a hold for now until they address the issues and missing features that power users actually need. I’m at replacement time in my cycle and I can’t pull the trigger on the new ones because the lack of ports that I need to do work.

    I’m with Dad On Tour as I could embrace USB-C port for charging a laptop from a brick. Let’s make it happen (as long as I can have multiple USB-C ports on my laptop)!

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