Is it now too late to earn 10,000 Delta bonus elite MQMs points for the year? Almost!

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We are, as of today, literally two weeks from the END of the 2016 Medallion year. That is, two weeks from tonight at 23:59 (if any flight actually departs at that time anywhere in the world) the very last scheduled flight will earn you elite points for this year. Two weeks plus 1 day from now we are earning elite points for the 2018 medallion qualifying year. Scary when you think about it right? Well that brings up something a reader, Harry Z commented on the blog under the “Banks & Travel Cards” page and said in part:

“René [ I ] wanted to take a moment to thank you for the advice on getting last minute MQMs for 2016. Per your suggestion on Dec 7th I added a Delta AMEX Reserve card, got it in 2 days and immediately made an online purchase. Happy to say that today (Dec 14th) I saw 10K MQMs added to my account. I will earn 2017 Diamond somewhere tonight over Brazil as I return home from Buenos Aires.” – Harry Z

Well, Harry just a HUGE congrats for reaching Diamond. Having been a Delta Diamond now for years, and looking to be Diamond for at least two more years going forward, you will love it. All 80,000 amazing professionals at Delta truly respect those who reach the pinnacle of Delta medallion status.

But there are several bits from Harry’s comment I want you to really pay attention to. He mentions that on the 7th he went for a Delta AMEX Reserve card. He then got the card quickly (you can after approval call and request a rush btw if needed). He then made a single purchase ASAP and when it posted a few days later he received his new card bonus MQMs of 10,000 elite MQMs points on the 14th. That is, it took from application to bonus points, about one week. Not to say this is the way it will always work – but a solid data point nonetheless.

That means that if you have been an uber procrastinator and now are short of your MQM totals you have precious few days left over before it will be too late for this year. Well, that is not entirely true because if you keep waiting Delta will all the way until mid February sell you MQMs but I have a sinking feeling if they are even offered to you they will cost you just a little more than the $450 non-waived Delta AMEX Reserve card fee. 😉

Is there yet one more choice? Maybe but have you priced tickets inside 14 days? Yeah, they are not cheap. I hate to tell you even reaching out to my amazing friend ADAM to find you a 5,10 or 20K elite Mileage Run at this point may cost almost as much as buying MQMs from Delta (but I still suggest you give them a try either way). Bottom line is a mileage run is still an option but will not be cheap. Consider the AMEX card first and quickly if you need the points.

For me, if I were in your boat, the 21st or 22nd would be the day I would consider it too late to apply for a new card and have any hope to make it happen this year. Are you short of your goals at this late date? You can remain anonymous but vote in our poll – René


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  1. Rene, I have spent the 30k needed to get my reserve card bonus. I did it on November 20th – and have made charges since then. When does the bonus actually post?

  2. I received my new Reserve card about a week ago. I was contemplating whether to save the first time 10K MQM bonus for next year or combine it with one more flight this year to push me to PM for the first time (I just hit GM for the first time this year as well!). After crunching the MQM numbers that I expect to hit next year, I decided to go for it this year. With or without the Reserve 10K next year, I’m hitting gold again for sure, and with a couple extra trips or one good mileage run, I can maintain PM into the 2018 “status” year.

    Now for the waiting period – I made a purchase yesterday (which happened to be on Delta) which has yet to post on AXP and then I’ll check for the 10K deposit @ Delta.

  3. One other interesting note about my new AXP Delta Reserve card – AXP never checked my credit. No hard hit on my credit report for this card! I have been an AXP card member for 23 years. Kinda wish I would have applied for both Delta Reserve & AXP Plat (non-Delta) at the same time.

  4. Interesting that (as of this comment) 16% of your readers still require a Mileage Run to hit their target Medallion status this year.

    As a Mileage Run booker with Adam/JuicyMiles, I can tell you it has gotten quiet over here (and quick.) So NOW would be the time to ask for last-minute, eleventh-hour assistance as we have the time (and the resources) to provide a custom-designed Mileage Run for those 16% and anyone else who needs a Mileage Run or who wants to take advantage of Delta’s rollover MQM’s policy!

  5. In your experience, how long after hitting the $60K spending goal does it take Delta to post the bonus MQM to an account. I hit the mark about 3 weeks ago and still, nothing. Thanks

  6. Interesting new feature as well that you can request your card # right after approval, so you can begin using the card online immediately. Love this new feature!

  7. What’s the latest you’ve seen someone get their MQM bonus? I just hit the 60k spend on my reserve and am about to hit 50k on my platinum tomorrow. You think I will get my bonus before Dec 31? If so, I’ll make platinum, if not – I’m gold for another year…. Will be an interesting experiment if you don’t have the answer!

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