Do you need to follow-up with BeFrugal? Reader “Bob” schools me on my GATCEPOT review plus final days for AMEX bonus MQMs!

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I want my 4x$43 please BeFrugal!

Let’s start with this first one as I think a number of you got in on the amazing deal that let you save literally hundreds of dollars on Dell buys over Cyber Monday when you add in the AMEX SYNC offer. I got 4 laptops and flipped them in a day on Ebay. All in, after costs, I only made about $35 each unit. So I was really looking forward to the money back from BeFrugal but it was not showing up. I had to start a tracking ticket on each order and they have now confirmed I will be paid for the clicks. You may want to do the same if you are not tracking for your orders!


Let’s try this again!

Next up there were a number of comments about my review of the GATCEPOT 15k battery bank. I felt it is a nice unit but a bit under powered and when I tried loading up my 20k brink I only got it to 52%. To me that showed it was not what was promised. I guess I may have been flat out wrong. Notice what “Bob” (real name withheld for privacy reason) e-mailed me I should have done:

“You did your test the wrong way. You need to test charging the 15,000 mAh unit from the 20,000 mAh unit.” – Bob


My 20k down to 19% after charging my 15k bank!

OK Bob I did what you asked. I power up the 20k bank to full 100% charge then overnight charged the 15k bank from that bank. Well now – that is an interesting result isn’t it. So this shows me the GETCEPOT may in fact be the better part of a 15k brick as advertised (I hate being wrong).

Also, I was slammed by a number of folks that I should have tested charging my phone over and over from dead and see if it would take it to full 3 or 4 times. I will be doing just that as I plan to keep and use these two banks often. Bottom line is I was maybe a bit too harsh in my review but still personally feel it is a little under powered. Let’s call it a 15k-ish bank shall we? 😉



Lastly, as I talked about a few days ago, you are just about out of time if you want to apply, be approved and make a charge and score 10,000 bonus MQMs for 2016 for $450 fee of the Delta personal or business AMEX Reserve cards. You will kick yourself if you have to pony up and “gift” mega bucks to Delta to buy MQMs after the first of the year if you end up short! – René

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  1. I got a GATCEPOT and while I did not do pseudo scientific testing as you are to prove the 15k rating. I am very happy with the number of charges I am getting for iPhone 6. I get about 4 full charges from 10-15%. (Someone can do the math and tell me its not 15k), and its at 1-2 lights.

    Overall however, it was 15$ and free shipping. So I know I can get a couple days with out worrying about phone charge. I liked so much I bought two more for two of my college kids at 12$.

    So math and science aside, functionality and utility score high. Just note that one of the two ports is 1A and the other is 2A charging. It makes a difference in time to charge. They are not labelled, so the one nearest the button is 1A.

    I find this to be a good find.

  2. @Todd – Thanks for feedback. I am using mine and they are really growing on me. I really like the size vs my old brick.

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