I feel a bit dirty (but will get over it). I just love this crazy points game plus all the perks you can score!

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Ouch – Yeah, I will get over this…

I will freely admit it – the above (point 2) applies a little bit to me today, but I will so get over it. Let me explain and I think you will agree with me and maybe you would have done the same if you had had the chance.

First off, if you are a regular reader of the blog, you know I am just not a fan of the Marriott takeover of “my” SPG or Starwood Preferred Guest. But that is a done deal and there is nothing I can do about it. As a result of this buyout I have given up chasing SPG Platinum status I have held for a number of years. I will miss it but am still just not that impressed with Marriott.

At the same time I am not going to say no to any of the perks that all the confluence of the events of the merger provides. For example, I have linked my SPG Platinum with Marriott to gain Marriott Platinum status. I have only used this Marriott status once at BAcon3, but it was nice. But I also took advance of being a Marriott Platinum by becoming, free of charge, a United Silver elite. You may say, who cares! Of what value is that because you don’t fly United or even like them much – all this is true. But I did it because – it was free!

Well then yesterday I was following along on twitter, as I always do because, well, it is twitter and it is instant and I then saw “The Points Guy” tweet the following:


Thanks TPG – Happy I follow you on twitter!

…and I did not hesitate. I jumped up and RAN to my computer. I logged in to Untied, via Award Wallet since I don’t have a clue what my login info is for United, and then clicked on the link from TPG. I next selected 2 free tickets to this PGA event.


Yes please! Thank you United.

So this, to me, sounds as impressive as the SPG Moments events I have spent tens of thousands of SPG points for year after year to attend. This United event cost me – ZERO – points (good thing too, because I don’t have any). You can maybe understand now at this part in the narrative where I start feeling just a little bit dirty. 🙂


I like this for “FREEEEEEEEEEEE”

While you cannot buy tickets to the United PVT tent, you can compare what it would cost to buy similar tickets at “The Bluffs” on the 14th green. WoW!

Oh but it gets worse. It looks like I will be flying AA to get to the event since I have a boatload of AA points from many rounds of Citi cards for years and really don’t need to work on my Delta status for awhile since I shortly into 2017 will have my Delta Diamond status locked up for a number of years to come.

I have several points I want you to take away from today’s post. First off, when you have a chance to sign up for anything – do it! Now I am not saying you should willy-nilly status match programs because some of them are 1x lifetime (or at least a long time in-between). But in my case my SPG>MARRIOTT>UNITED really worked out well for me. I have had other ones that seemed meaningless that ended up netting an Amazon gift card for a few clicks (a year later). I think you get my drift – if “we” blog it – why not give it a shot! – René


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