Earning Delta SkyMiles from non-chain hotels? Yep! And possible stacking + new rewards program.

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Sometimes you just need an airport hotel!

When it comes to points my head is always spinning. I am thinking of all the options to:

1) Get what I want
2) Get the best price I can
3) Get the most points I can
4) Stack bonus offers
5) Expand my current programs

Now a lot goes into each of these steps and I am sure you are considering all of the above as well each time you book a flight or room or whatever. In this case I am in need of a hotel night before my flight home from Sweden this summer. I have family in town but when you have an early flight it can be a pain to get up at “dark-30” and put all your own stuff away in my cousin’s flat and do it all half awake after not really sleeping and starting a long trip. Oh, then the taxi situation that early can be costly and a bit of stress. No, just simpler to stay one night right at the airport hotel and take the cheap airport bus out the night before. This knocks out number 1 on my list above.


Enter TopCashBack, one of my go-to sources for cash back for anything I book because they pay well, are reliable, and often offer bonus cash when I cash out if I pick an AMEX card. I like all of this, but you always have to add up the cash back vs direct bonus offers as well. All of this helps with point 2.

Then paying for it was simple. I used my Arrival+ card as the room will be over $100 and I can credit myself back for the room. But wait, how can I get more points – my point 3 above? Did you notice from the very first slide what they said at the bottom?


The airport hotel participates in a rewards program I have never heard of that is it is “new” to me. Well, why not join it! Plus it accomplishes my point 5 on the list above. It is called WorldHotels PeakPoints. I sign up and get 300 points. Unfortunately it takes 400 to get anything, but my stay will help me do that. Then for my next stay:



Next visit I can save a few bucks more. Again, I will take points wherever I can get them. Oh, but wait there is more! I should be able to get some FREEEEEEEE SkyMiles as well and point 4 on my list of wants. Notice what the program says:


“Frequent Flyer Programs – Worldhotels has the largest network of airline partners among independent hotel groups. Collect miles with the world’s leading frequent flyer programs and earn miles on qualifying stays in our unique hotels worldwide.

Simply check your booking confirmation and present your frequent flyer card at check-in. Alternatively, you can claim your miles retroactively here. (retroclaims@worldhotels.com)

Earn miles with Delta SkyMiles® and Worldhotels and discover the world – If you can think of an easier way to earn miles we’d love to hear it: with the partnership between Worldhotels and the Delta SkyMiles program, you’ll earn miles while you sleep! Book a stay with Worldhotels and boost your miles while benefiting of exclusive discounts on one of Worldhotels’ upscale properties worldwide.”


So I went in and updated my newly created rewards program and entered in my Delta SkyMiles number and will be showing my card when I check in. If the hotel balks then I will simply email after my stay to get credit.

Now before you comment below I know that some hotels do not award you points and such when you book at a 3rd party OTA like Travelocity etc. Oh and some charge a fee to get airline reward points making it not worth doing. I have no idea how much of the above stacking will work but I am at least locked in to get my bonus from TopCashBack for clicking through to Travelocity and getting the best price I could. The rest, I will take the bonus points if I get them.

Bottom line is before you finally click “book” be sure to check all your options in the list I have above. They can both save you money and help you max out your rewards for each choice you make! – René


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