Ever wanted to join me on a Delta Elite Mileage run? Here is your chance at 3CPM (+ there is BBQ)!

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MQMs and BBQ? That works!

OK folks I normally don’t post my flights like this because there are dedicated HATE sites about me that try to cause problems (ya gotta love the web). I have also had nasty things happen and even folks call in and cancel reservations that I have made so I hope this does not happen this round! Enough about the bad…


Ever wanted to join me on a “fun run”? Here is your chance <-link on Delta.com. I found about a 3 CPM (cents per mile for the MQMs) run from Dallas to Los Angeles (via DTW). Not bad at all. Yes, it is a redeye that I am not found of but I found 9+ open seats at about this price so let’s try this.


Here is how you search and find the flights on Delta.com. Not hard you just have to make sure your out and back are BOTH on the 7th of March and that your via is DTW to display the flights above. Simple!

I will be arriving on the 6th shortly after 5PM and thinking we can all join up at the Centurion DFW before we head off to BBQ at HardEight not far from the airport then take the run the next day after more quality time at the Centurion. Cannot take the extra day off? No problem the flight is late enough that you could position to Dallas the morning of the 7th and then fly home in the afternoon on the 8th!

Anyway, I always get a ton of requests and folks telling me they would love to join me on a run. Here is your chance for just that and some BBQ as well. Yes, you will likely have to position to Dallas but I am too and that is what FlexPerks points are for anyway right? – René




  1. Howdy Partners!
    We’re in for some Texas BBQ and some fun on the Mileage Run.
    Plus we used our AmEx OPEN Membership Rewards points so we get 50% of our points back on this run!

    Yee Haw! See y’all there!

  2. @laptoptravel – Sweet. Two of the best bloggers will be there!

    PS – It seems seats are going fast. I think we are at 10-20 booked so far. We can work out guesting folks into the Centurion who need it!

  3. Hm… 387 RT from FLL. Flight back to DAL iz an hour later. Comes out to 6214 mqm for me as a GM. I guess using amex points to get rebate will help.

  4. I’m not doing the run (busy at work I think) but I will be at DFW for Centurion time and BBQ later. I can guest in as needed and yes Rene I will book you massage time upon arrival… LOL

    Thanks for the reminder on MR points @laptoptravel I will indeed be doing the same.

  5. @ALL – Don’t forget about AVIOS for positing as they are often cheap and even cheap in 1st class!
    @Graydon – Can’t wait to see you!

  6. hmm I almost want to fly in from Kathmandu ,Nepal for the best BBQ ive ever had – love me some HardEight

    flex perks 94.00 for 20,00 ? can you explain or point to to a post on it as I’ve never looked into flex points

    rene — is there a good international partner where you can earn great EQD — like Qatar with American where I booked a roundtrip CAI – MIA for 930 rt and will earn over 4,000 EQD for American
    also Emirates with Alaska also awesome bonus 225 % to 300% –so does delta have a good international partner to help earn EQD quicker ?

    love your passion and it was great listening to you in Chicago

  7. So I am a rookie and not quite understanding the value in this. Can you point me to a post or two that can explain what you are doing a and why? I have been reading daily for months but just can’t quite connect the dots!
    Not asking for a tutorial ( for all the cynics that will tell me to read…..I am doing that)
    Just some direction!

  8. @Cleo – See these posts:
    And the big issue is status worth it to you (a personal question for everyone). See:
    That last post, and the ones inside, are the ones to key in on. For me, it is well worth the effort. Oh and a bunch of fun as well! 😉

  9. Hi

    I am planning on joining you in DFW. Just booked my flights.
    See you on the 6th.

    Please email me any details

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