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This time I did it right. Unlike last time when I crossed million miler and came back from Japan and did not choose the Asian meal, this time I pre-selected the Chinese meal for my way back from my trip to Hong Kong earlier this month. I was really looking forward to it as Delta, most times, does in-flight meals very well.


The other reason I was really looking forward to the return trip was that we had the exact same OUTSTANDING Delta crew that we flew in with including those on the flight deck. They encouraged me to take a cockpit shot and I agreed (yeah, ya feel like a kid when you do this – good times)! On to the point of this post the Chinese meal.


It started good with a small (2 shrimp) but tasty appetizer. I could have had a few more.


Then we had the soup and salad course. All were good but not really noteworthy either.


Then we had the main course. I really was expecting, I don’t know, more. It was fine but just nothing like the amazing meal on the way from the USA.


I went with the ice cream Sunday for dessert and it is a stock good item from Delta in business class.


Lastly we had the pre-landing meal. Like on the way over when you have something that has been sitting on a jet for 12-ish hours and then re-heated your expectations are not that high. I took a few bites and was done.

I hope this quick review comes across as intended. The meal was fine but just not what I had built it up to be coming from Asia. The service was amazing by the Delta folks (as almost always it is) but when I next visit Hong Kong I don’t think I will default pre-order or choose the Chinese meal option.

What has been your experience with Delta meals coming from West going East? – René

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  1. Rene I flew from DTW to both Shanghai and Beijing this year as well as to ATH from JFK this summer. I was not that impressed with any of the Asian flight meals (or all 8 I should say). They were ok, but not up to the standards I have had on DL. I have to tell you my best meal to date on DL was 3 years ago from BCN to JFK where I had the best steak ever on a flight like you mentioned a few weeks ago on one of yours. Anyway, going east is always better for me than going west. For some reason the catering is just not as good coming from China and I chose western meals. Even when I flew from ATH back to JFK, with the same flight crew as well, they told me that I should never expect the same quality of catering from another country as I should from the US. They have been right almost every time except from BCN. I flew on AF to Paris from LAX 3 years ago in business class and was really looking forward to their meal and it disappointed terribly both at dinner and breakfast. I guess I have high expectations. I will tell you the best “airline” meals I have had were in the Concourse lounge at JFK and LHR for BA in while traveling in First 2 summers ago. Not in the air, but on the ground, but still talk worthy 2 years later.

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