RenésPoints December Newsletter – The last gasp of the 2016 Delta Medallion year!

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Gosh, the year went quick. What a year it was. I am thrilled with my Delta MQM totals to end the year and cannot wait to begin the year with a “fun run” to SXM next weekend. That and so much more on the way for 2017 but first let’s catch up on December shall we:

➥ Delta BUY MQMs, MQDs & MQSs for 2017 LIVE – Again “Bat Crazy” prices (depending on who you are)!

➥ Time for a round of “I bet you didn’t know” – Delta & other tips & tricks to save you time!

➥ Delta dumps support for Windows Mobile for Fly Delta APP!

➥ 24 Hours in Hong Kong Review in Photos – A year end Delta Elite Mileage Run!

➥ Do Delta USB power ports, on Jets or in Sky Clubs, provide “enough” power? The test results may surprise you.

➥ What is the cheapest thing you can buy to trigger Delta AMEX new card credit?

➥ What is the cut off to earn Delta MQMs for 2016, 2017 & beyond each year?

➥ Delta’s Lunch Italian Chicken Panini Sandwich is SO CLOSE to a home run but ends up a “fowl” ball.

➥ Is Delta Air Lines “finally” getting serious about cleaning their dirty jets? “Strive for 5” cleaning!

➥ SPG Platinums now can Upgrade to Delta 1st Class AND Comfort+ seats – #KeepClimbing Delta & SPG!

➥ 15000mAh Battery Brick just $11.19 (81% off). Big Power Brick for Travel.

➥ You can now register for CLEAR at many Delta Sky Clubs! A “must have” Travel Perk

➥ Why are there not more AC outlet power banks / bricks choices?

➥ Review: Air France Skyteam Priority Pass lounge IAH Houston Texas RenésPoints travel blog

➥ Get $5 FREE Amazon cash with this quick & simple tip (bet you did not know this one)!

Woman dragged by police off a Delta jet today in Detroit bound for San Diego.

➥ The results from my last 2016 Delta Elite Mileage Run + My year in review!

➥ Was overhead space really the issue on the now worldwide viral video of a woman being dragged off a Delta jet!

Not good – AMEX is now “Saying” a Delta SkyMile is worth 1 cent each!

➥ My IHG Accelerate Q1 – 2017 looks workable – but they keep “upping” my goals!

➥ Delta’s $DAL Q4-16 Investors day yields even MORE bad news for SkyMiles (but not Medallions)!

➥ Delta One Business Class Seat Review A330-200 Seattle to Hong Kong RenesPoints blog

➥ Is it now too late to earn 10,000 Delta bonus elite MQMs points for the year?

➥ Review: GATCEPOT 15000mAh Battery Bank – The good, the bad and the “meh”!

➥ Reader “Bob” schools me on my GATCEPOT review plus final days for AMEX bonus MQMs!

➥ What are the best Delta seats in Coach or Comfort Plus on an A330-200? Take a look at a few!

➥ Delta Ending Partnership with Alaska May 2017!

➥ What day of the week has your Delta Regional or Global Upgrade cleared? Is there a set day of the week for these to clear?

➥ Why it really is SWEET news that Delta & Alaska are ending “partnership” next year!

➥ Are you planning NOW for your 2017 / 2018 Delta Medallion year? I am!

➥ I feel a bit dirty (but will get over it). I just love this crazy points game plus all the perks you can score!

➥ Review: KLM Crown Lounge IAH Houston Airport Skyteam Lounge & Priority Pass

➥ Earning Delta SkyMiles from non-chain hotels? Yep! And possible stacking + new rewards program.

➥ Let’s catch up with some Delta & other travel news over the past few weeks!

Good News if you are flying Delta & can visit a Sky Club through the end of the year (if you are a Delta AMEX cardholder that is)!

➥ OUTSTANDING – Delta now extending GIFT CARD choice for customer service issues!

➥ Ever diverted – TWICE – and been struck by lighting on a Jet? It happened on this SAS flight – wow!

➥ Year end Delta Medallion facts & getting ready for 2017

➥ Ever wanted to join me on a Delta Elite Mileage run? Here is your chance at 3CPM (+ there is BBQ)!

➥ Delta Hong Kong to Seattle Delta One Business Class Chinese Meal Review

➥ A Virgin Atlantic 747 model jet plane that flies? – I WANT THIS – so kool. #AVgeek!

➥ Reader Dustin e-mails me – “I am curious why [fly] Delta?” It is not as hard as you may think!


So that ends our 2016 year. Are you ready for tomorrow and 2017? Well before that happens why not peek at the January or February or March or April or May or June or July or August or September or October or November’s newsletters! – René




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  1. Rene, appreciate all that you do. Look forward each day to your many helpful comments and tips.

    A happy and prosperous new year to you and your family.

    A gold medallion

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