Delta & travel news bits you may have missed from the past few weeks! What caught my eye.

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Hopefully, as you read this, I am most of the way to SXM and will be enjoying a few days of total AVgeek-ness as well as a rum punch or two on the beach. Then again, getting to St. Maarten has not been easy due to the joys of a winter storm in the heart of DeltaLand! We shall see if I make it as planned. Be sure to follow me on @RenesPoints on twitter to follow along with my weekend adventures in travel. On to some news bits that you may have missed over the past week or so:

  • Tons of photos of the CS100/300. – A reader sent me this link. It is not exactly a new piece but I had not seen all these shots of the jet we are all looking forward to so maybe you missed it too.

So those where the stories that I saved and wanted to share with you. Were there any others that caught your eye? Please comment below and include the link to the article. – René


  1. Renee, I thought you would appreciate this short story as this is a pet peeve of yours. Late yesterday afternoon I was on a delayed (by 30 minutes) flight from ATL to CLT. In First Class. The seating chart played musical chairs all afternoon long from full to a couple of seats empty etc etc. As the boarding door was almost closed and Seat 2C empty, on the MD88, the gate agent boards the plane with 3 boarding passes in her hand. She walks to the back and I have no idea what happened, but she leaves, and seat 2C stays empty. We taxi for a while, stop, and the pilot gets on the intercom and says Charlotte is ground stopping us for 1 hours for weather reasons. The plane stops, we all get drinks in First Class and when the attendant arrives with my drink, I stop her and ask pointedly, how is this that on a Friday afternoon flight from ATL to CLT goes out with 1 seat empty in First Class? I say, “surely there is at least one Medallion back there who would have qualified for the seat as I saw over 20 people on the upgrade list.” She said that the gate agent said she wanted the plane “out of there” and did not have time to deal with any upgrades. The flight attendant then went on to say to the gate agent “what if I get yelled at by someone in the back”? and the gate agent replied “just blame it on me” I told her that I would sure be mad if I were one of those 20 in the back that did not get upgraded to an empty seat up front, especially since the flight was further delayed. In the end, we got permission to take off 10 or so minutes later, but the point being, you are right, stay at the gate till everyone is on. But I think this gate agent pushed everyone on the flight regardless from what I understand.

  2. Rene: Surprised to read your “travel news bits” on Jan 7 without a word of the tragedy at Delta baggage claim at FLL. No condolences to the victims or Delta passengers or employees. No acknowledgement of the many (perhaps hundreds) of your readers (I’m one) who have stood at those Delta FLL baggage carousels scores of times never imagining that something like this could happen. Very surprising.

  3. @Mary – I was in the air on Gogo as it happened. I have little to add that has not been said. It is such a sad event. I too have been to FLL a number of times. Best – Rene

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