Review: Delta 1st class cold Asian Chicken Salad lunch choice. I would order this again!

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There are a number of Delta (or I should say Delta “painted” jets) that either do not have ovens or do not use them. Thus you end up often with either one or two cold meal choices. On of them is what you see above and I really liked it.

First off, the size was just fine as a lunch choice but would have been good for dinner as well. There was a good mix of greens including a slice of lime on the side for a tiny punch of citrus. That is nice attention to detail.

The chicken was cooked well and a decent quantity was provided. Maybe one more strip would have been nice but I am reaching here. Again let’s call it good. Next we have both soy and sriracha and the added heat made this dish really nice. Without that I think it would have been lacking flavor a bit.

Lastly with the main dish crisp wanton strips to add to taste. Just perfect and I used almost all of them. Finish this with Dancing Deer (just about anything they make is good) and I was very amply satisfied. My only real complaint on these smaller jets continues to be the lack of wine choices that the bigger brother jets provide. Just don’t get why Delta cannot fix this.

Have you tasted this meal choice on Delta? Did you like it as much as I did? – René



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