(Non) Delta Updates REG: Medallion 2018, C+ Middle seat opt-out, 1st class meal pre-order and more!

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Time for some updates. Well, really many are non-updates, but I am getting so many questions it would be good to have a post to reference that is current. Let’s start with some good news or at least it is good news so far and it will take some elite math to explain.

As of 00.01 AM on 1JAN17 we began earning Delta MQMs for the 2018 Medallion year. Thus, if you started at ZERO and flew 125,000 miles this month and spent net $15,000 on Delta tickets, you will have a “free ride” as Diamond Medallion this year 2017 and you will be Diamond all of next year 2018, the year you earned, and that will end on 1FEB19.

Here is where this is good news – unless Delta really wants to face serious backlash – they cannot “mess” with the 2018 Medallion year. At this point, after 1FEB17, any changes they announce should impact the 2019 Medallion year. At least if any changes are negative that is.

aa allows domestic 1st class meal choice w-in 30 days

If AA can do it – Delta can do it right?

On March 23, of 2016, on this blog I posted the great news that “Delta will soon allow per-selection of 1st class meal choice at booking!”. I had word from the Delta CORP representative Catherine Sirna:

“Delta passengers in First Class or Delta One will be able to preselect the meal of their choice when booking, or up to 24 hours prior to departure, via Delta.com.”

I was told it would happen by the end of 2016. Well clearly that did not happen. American Airlines allows this up to 30 days before flight on domestic 1st class as you can see from the screen shot from their web site. So when will this change happen for Delta? I have asked again and again and have been told I will be told when it happens.

alaska no middle seat upgrade

If Alaska gets this – Delta should get this right?

The next non-update is about the ability to opt-out of middle seat Comfort Plus or C+ “upgrades”. I say upgrades in quotes because the vast majority of us do not in any way feel an upgrade to a middle coach seat that is just as big as all the other seats in coach is never EVER an upgrade (when traveling alone). Alaska gets this and with their equivalent of C+ they will NOT upgrade a single traveler to a middle seat. My friend @laptoptravel has spoken to a number of Delta contacts who said this opt-out was on the way with Delta but clearly, like the pre-order meal choice, something is blocking it from coming on-line. Maybe Delta IT if I were to venture a guess or it would in some way negatively impact REV MGT would be another safe bet. Who knows but for now we wait.

Any questions on these? Fire away in the comments below. – René


  1. The last time I preordered a meal, it was not loaded for both legs of the RT. That was the 2nd time out if two it happened.

    So, I’ve quit asking.

  2. Thanks for the updates Rene!
    Always informative!
    I was moved to 4A on 777 HAN to MSP what a grande surprise! Wonder why 🙂 but I

  3. I preselected Gluten Free (“GF”) meals online for MCO-LGA and LGA-ATL flights about a week ahead when I paid for the upgrade (gasp). Other than the fact that the food was disgusting, it was on board as promised when I flew last week. I heard rave reviews about the tomato soup on both flights but unfortunately it wasn’t GF.

  4. @DLPTATL – You have for a long time been able to select specialty meals. We are talking about choice between the stock 2 (most times) choices beforehand so they do not run out or you don’t have to worry about where you sit and FEBO ie Front Even Back Odd (numbered flight) for how they start to offer to those in 1st class.

  5. Is there any chance that the C+ change will allow you to select exactly what you want? No reason that it should be opt-out of middle only, as opposed to letting you opt out of window and middle if you would only want the “upgrade” to an aisle.

  6. @Lee – The issue is that many times there is an equipment swap or whatever and you are moved without your OK then all the seats you want are gone. As with Alaska the simple fix is an opt-out middle seat.

  7. I got the dreaded ??upgrade to C+ for Dallas-LAX —- middle seat on the 5 hour flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ouch can’t wait

  8. I don’t request the C+ upgrade, only First/Biz. If there are C+ seats available at the designated time out from the flight, (72 hours for me as GM), I check that C+ ‘upgrade’ box and go choose the C+ seat of my choice. That way I don’t get an automatic to the middle. I’ve tried this and it does work.

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