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Review: Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas USVI St. Thomas by Lisa

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One day René & I will be moving to the Caribbean and the plan is in the USVI. Thanks to my amazing in-house travel blogger and points enthusiast, I recently got to spend a few days in warm and sunny St. Thomas aka STT for a quick getaway.

grr deice

grr runway snowplow

I was booked on Delta burning a bump voucher out of Grand Rapids Michigan or GRR and it was December, so it was interesting watching the snowplows working furiously as the lake effect machine was in high gear the morning of my departure. Then after 3 de-icing showers we finally got on our way. As a Gold Medallion both my segments to and from STT cleared to 1st class and I got chicken on the outbound and mahi on my return and both were delicious.

outbound meal chicken 1st class

return meal mahi 1st class

Since this was just a quick break for me there weren’t a lot of requirements on my list for my stay. I wanted to go somewhere warm and stay somewhere easy to get to with a pool and a restaurant so I could have everything simple and relaxing for my 4 day break. We booked my stay at the Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas for those reasons and that it was just a 5 minute walk from the airport and a restaurant and it was very reasonable on Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

LBV signage

On my flight in to STT from Atlanta I overheard some locals discussing the failings of Google maps, and the location of my hotel was off a bit. I arrived after dark as well, so the easy 5 minute walk from the airport proved a bit more challenging since there was no lighting to speak of and only one sign pointing to the right where there were 3 directions to go.

When I finally managed to check in I was informed that the restaurant was closed. I assumed she meant for the night but in the morning when I inquired about breakfast I was instructed that the free hotel shuttle would take me to their sister property, the Emerald Beach Resort, since their restaurant was closed, evidently permanently.

LBV pool 2

LBV beach area

I decided to spend some time in the sun so I asked how to get to the pool, across the street and down the stairs. I was not offered a towel so I presumed they were poolside, which turned out to be incorrect and I got a towel from the front desk later.

sister hotel beach 4
Beach view at the sister hotel

When I took “the shuttle” to the sister property, it proved to be a very old, beat-up and dirty pick-up truck and it really wasn’t that far just around the bay so I chose to walk back and forth there. The sidewalk runs alongside the runway so there were some AVGeek moments.

LBV room 1

LBV room 2

LBV bathroom 1

LBV bathroom 2

My room was basic but clean and sufficient for my stay. The wifi worked and was fast enough for my needs as well. I was satisfied with my stay for the most part, but I would opt to stay at the sister property before I would return to the Lindbergh Bay Hotel again. There did not appear to be any effort underway to re-open the restaurant and this, I feel, should have been disclosed when I booked my reservation. The website still shows photos of a functioning restaurant and it clearly has not been in use for some time now. I did learn that the hotel was originally built as a US Naval hospital during WW2 and the Cyril E. King airport now occupies the golf course where Charles Lindbergh landed in 1928 for his first visit to the island.

LBV balcony view 2

The view from my balcony was pleasant as well, and all in all this trip proved to accomplish the relaxation getaway I needed. The hotel was somewhat disappointing in not having a restaurant and the staff was friendly but not overly helpful. When I asked about a late check out I was told to ask in the morning. I asked each morning and only on my final morning did I learn they had meant to ask on my final morning, and then they gave me 30 more minutes in my room as a late check out. I can’t wait to call this island home, and I am very pleased that our next trip to visit is booked at another hotel! – Lisa



  1. omatravel

    Yeah, that hotel was bad when I stayed there 2 years ago. You didn’t miss much with the restaurant as it wasn’t very good so I’m not surprised it closed.

    Emerald Beach is only marginally better and a friend recently got an attack of bedbugs from there. Interestingly 2 years ago both properties were Best Western and as far as I can tell they were kicked out of the chain.

    If you’re looking to relocate down there, I highly recommend spending time on each of the 3 islands as each has a distinct feel. To me St Thomas is crowded, expensive but great for people and partying. St Croix is far more spread out with less develop tourism infrastructure but the best diving. St John being mostly national park is very remote and offers little in the way of civilization.

  2. Welcome to island life! It’s never very fast or efficient. And we call those truck “island vehicles” for a good reason! I highly suggest the Beachcomber if you choose to stay in Lindbergh again.(The owners are from CT). The rooms are similarly minimalist, but there’s a restaurant and beach bar and the staff is always friendly (no pool, but you’re right on the beach).

    Or if you have more time to stay on St. John, Caneel Bay and the Westin are great. (Westin is constanantly undergoing renovations). Or if you’re adventurous enough to rent a car, my parents rent out their house in Fish Bay on Homeaway/VRBO/AirBnB, 🙂

  3. A Lisa post! Awesome, great job. You were very kind in your review. I hope you spent some time house hunting and my only question is when I fly in to visit can you pick me up from the airport on a boat?

  4. Ed Travel

    Interesting…My wife and I traveled also traveled there last year. My wife did not like at all St. Thomas. The scuba diving and beaches were great but she said it was too dirty, expensive and had no desire to live there…

  5. rene

    @Ed – Still part of the USA and it does not snow there. What is not to love. 😉
    Also wife and I both have 50+ dives and love diving anywhere in the Caribbean

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