The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints blog

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The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints travel blog (1)

Pay with SkyMiles? No thanks!

If you have ever traveled with me you know one of the places I always make a beeline for after a few segments is an XpresSpa. Part of it is my neck as I was in an auto accident a number of years ago that messed me up and it impacts me when I fly. You see my wife and I were hit from behind by a truck doing 40+. That was not that bad but a few seconds later I turned to look at my wife in the seat next to me and the car behind the truck hit the truck and then the truck hit us again when I was turned to the right. Anyway, a quick 20 minutes of work on my neck and shoulders and I am right as rain again as they say!

XpresSpa loyalty program

There are a lot of things I like about XpresSpas. For example, they have massage chairs and when there is a wait you can sit in them and start to unwind. If you want to enjoy them after a treatment you can do that as well. Oh, did I mention they have a rewards program (granted it is revenue based but still there is one). The downside is there can be long waits to see a therapist and it may not work with your connection.

the delta page on asanda

no online time booking at asanda delta jfk spa

Oppsseee – No online booking!

The idea of a Spa inside the Sky Club is sweet and it would seem like, per all the glitz on the website you could book in advance, but really not so much. Too bad. But I had just enough time it seemed to get a quick treatment in the Delta flagship Sky Club lounge in JFK to try it out.

entrance area into delta sky club spa jfk renespoints

Sad to say my 5 minute wait turned into almost 20 minutes and I was not escorted in to enjoy relaxing massage chairs while I waited. Had the wait for the one therapist on duty been any longer I would have had to pass as I would have missed my flight.

The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints travel blog (4)

The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints travel blog (5)

The JFK Spa is tiny and had been carved out of space that once was some seating next to check-in. Another strange thing is the tablet stands everywhere. I don’t know about you but I feel if you can not find time to decompress from technology for a few seconds while getting a relaxing treatment you have serious issues.

The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints travel blog (6)

The new Delta Asanda Spa at the flagship Sky Club JFK review RenesPoints travel blog (7)

Now what I did like was these modern larger sturdy chairs. I like a deep tissue massage and when a rep really works on you on a standard massage chair it can move a bit – not these. But again, what is up with the tablets I ask you?

The therapist did a nice job working on me. No complaints. I would have him work on me again.


So what is my impression of the Spa concept in the Sky Clubs? Well considering when Delta first tried the massage idea a few years back with XpresSpa folks and it was complimentary as part of getting into the club I am not a fan of paying for extra services in the Sky Club. I am REALLY against them pushing me to pay with SkyMiles for treatment. I like that in the Centurion club in DFW the Spa is included. I also wish Delta would award you bonus SkyMiles for getting treatment – this would be a smart move if they are going to charge for services inside the clubs.

Overall it is convenient. The price is comparable to XpresSpa. If they can get the advanced booking working and not charge you if you miss it due to a Delta issue I can see using the service again. But they need to study how XpresSpa does things and upgrade what they offer including bonus SkyMiles and more! – René



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  1. Having a spa raises the T4 club a notch or two. Unfortunately, the price is too high to be worth it for me to use. But DL deserves credit for expanding it’s horizons in lounge amenities. Good to see this is being added in ATL as well.

    I’m sitting in the Qantas First (class) Lounge at LAX having just arrived from HKG on Cathay Pacific and connecting on an AA red eye back home. I flew CX coach, but AA Executive Platinum gets me into OneWorld first class lounges. The a la carte complimentary menu (I chose Chilean sea bass and 18 year old Glenlivet) from Neil Perry is great. No spa here though I’ve used the free spa massages in Japan Airlines and CX first class lounges. The JAL first class lounge at NRT has massage chairs that are nearly as good as a masseuse.

    Regarding tablets, beleive it or not, some find being separated from their tech to be highly stressful even if it is not work related. Cheers!

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