This is not the way to recover from yet another Delta CPU meltdown.

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delta on twitter about outage

From Delta on Twitter

“IT” has happened again almost 6 months to the day of the last time. This time the IT meltdown did not take anywhere near as long to restart as last time and many joked Delta did not have Georgia power to blame this time around (but we still don’t know why this happened again from Delta).

Delta - com down again

What you saw yesterday on

Sometime yesterday afternoon everything started to crash. From a flood of reader e-mails to a stream of public and private tweets and a most enlightening thread on FlyerTalk reports system wide of nothing working and the cursed SNAPP completely failing at the airports with only those using DLTERM able to get anything done. Those who were relying on digital boarding passes were in trouble (yet one of the many reasons I always print a paper backup and have told you to do the same).

bad waver delta

Ouch – 90+ minute delay to cancel?

So Delta has a waiver in place today. But it is a bad one. One very famous reader has told me that rather than show up for a booked 7 AM Delta flight, they have booked over on United as they can not risk missing an event. Well, I said Delta will give you your money back. I guess not so fast. Take a look at the waiver. You have to be either canceled or have a 90+ minute delay before Delta is going allow you to cancel and get a refund.

Really Delta?

This, when under normal circumstances a 1 hour delay is enough to get a FREE change or cancel is seriously just embarrassing – Delta, you are honestly better than this and you were last round.

This is also quite different from the response last time when you saw Delta PR’ing the PVT jets to get folks from A-B when they could. Not just that, I had reports from readers that Delta folks at the airports closed up the Sky Clubs and went home rather than stay and keep them open and fix things. On FlyerTalk there were reports of lines at customer service 500 deep overnight. Ugg!

Yesterday was not a stellar day for Delta and today it seems it will take much of the day to get things back to normal. Let me know how your travel days progress if you are up in the air or stuck on the ground today! – René




  1. @John – A site redo is in the works. Will be going 100% mobile optimized just don’t know when. Until then just click any photo for full size.

  2. I checked in for my Monday 7AM BNA -> LAX -> PHX flight early Sunday morning before the IT issue struck. By the time I dozed off Sunday night, ops was not yet fully recovered and I couldn’t get status on my flight for today. Around 4:15 Monday morning, a push notification hit my mobile that the flight was leaving on-time. On arrival @ BNA, there was 30 min delay due to mandatory rest for a DTW based crew that was extended.

    I had two options to switch routes, but opted to stick with my original flight since the equipment was at the gate and ready to go. I managed to snag the last FC seat as a (first year) PM + Reserve card holder for the long leg from BNA -> PHX. Nice!

    Not a bad experience for me, save for some stressing over it on Sunday night when information was hard to come by. Halfway through the flight now and the next leg shows on-time. I should get home on-time!

  3. I told (for the very first time) an Alaska Airlines to San Francisco when I got there the outage happened, in a way I was glad that I was on a code share on Alaska metal. Also the people doing the manifestation at the airport were not helping also…

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