TODAY I gifted 15,000 Delta MQMs to a friend and you can do this too (or keep them maybe)!

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i gifted 15000 delta mqms to a friend renespoints blog 1

Yep! I gave away 15,000 MQMs today 🙂

We are today on the 4th day of the new Delta Medallion year – that is, while earning elite points or MQMs starts on 00:01 on 1JAN each year the actual Medallion year itself runs from 1FEB-31JAN each year. A little confusing but allows time in January for rollover and all sorts of issues with earnings and AMEX MQMs to catch up.

Well, on January 1st I showed you, and tested, how you too who hold the Delta AMEX Reserve card either personal or business can spend your way to Delta MQD exemption by hitting $25,000 on the card(s). It took me just 7 days this year after taking 13 days the year before. Not that I am saying you should do the same just proving it can be done. Plus, there are perks of reaching this number sooner in the year as compared to later as now spending at least 25k on any of the Delta co-Branded Gold, Platinum or Reserve personal or business cards will result in more upgrades for Medallions since it now is one of the tiebreakers to score an upgrade. Nice!

i gifted 15000 delta mqms to a friend renespoints blog 2

Thank you Delta and AMEX!

I have, over the past month, not just spent the required 25k but much more. So much so that I have already reached the first 30k spend level on my Delta AMEX Business Reserve card that I could now harvest 15,000 bonus MQMs and I decided to give them to a friend (see the Essential Tab E18 posts on how to do this) since I already this year with rollover have well over 150,000 MQMs. Yes, I know I am a nice friend.

bonus skymiles 15000 for amex spend renespoints blog

15,000 Delta SkyMiles – Sure, I like FREEEEEE!

Oh, and don’t forget, in addition to the bonus MQMs I also got 15,000 Delta SkyMiles (the MQMs you decide who gets them, you or a friend, but the SkyMiles auto dump into your SkyMiles account). With the Delta Pay with Miles (PWM) program I can spend these at a minimum of 1 cent each so another $150+ in value from holding my Reserve card. I will get all of the above again next month once I cross the 60k spend threshold for the card.

my delta amex reserve card and amex platinum business card renespoints blog

My favorite two travel cards!

What to take from this. So many gripe about the large $450 annual fee the Delta AMEX Reserve card comes with. If this is you – you don’t get it. I get $300+ in value back each year for reaching my 60k spend year after year. To me I am only net spending $150 to hold the card and for all the amazing perks this card gives me, including many more upgrades, I will and DO pay this fee gladly year after year after year.

Are we learning yet? – René



  1. Renee, I am a little clueless to how status works. We opened the Delta Platinum in Nov and got MQM’s but now they are gone. I thought they were going to roll over to this year. I thought if I could gift mine to my husband we might have a chance at one good seat. Is that possible? What can we do? Thanks for any tips.

  2. @Liz – You must earn at least 25,000 MQMs 1JAN-31DEC AND have either $3000 MQD spend (or be MQD exempt) to earn the lowest Delta status Silver. Any MQMs over that but under the next level would rollover. Only MQMs fromt he Delta Reserve card spend bonus can be gifted as you see above.

  3. How stupid that an airline gives upgrade priority based n the credit card you have. I have $4600 MQDs this year already and I am behind everyone else for upgrades because I did not get approved for the card. My credits not perfect but its well over 700. So stupid. Such a bad way to reward loyalty and completely unfair in every way since not everyone has access to the card.

  4. @Ryan – If you listen to the quarterly earnings by the Delta CEO and other VPs you will change what you just said. AMEX and income from AMEX is one of the most profitable items Delta has and offers. $DAL shareholder should LOVE what Delta is doing and rewarding those, like me, who support the arrangement. I encourage you to get your credit score up and get the card and enjoy more upgrades – I do!

  5. Gifting 15K MQMs to a friend. Cool! Your friend got a serious MQMs bump. You got positive vibes.

    Congratulations to both of you.

  6. @Rene – I wonder what it takes to become such a ‘friend’.

    Seriously though.. thanks for all the information you post on this blog!
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

  7. @Maish – I have gifted to many over the years. I love meeting FFer all over the place and happy to share when I can. Join me sometime on a SXM or Mileage Run maybe? Thanks for your kind words btw.

  8. IMO this is one of the top reasons Delta is the only way to fly. We have a Diamond club group that shares MQM and other gifting opportunities among the group as needed. For example, we’ve gifted MQM to one member to get her to Platinum in time to select RUC and use on an upcoming flight. She would have gotten there but not before ticket purchase time. Another earns enough reserve card MQMs to be Platinum every year or if he stock piles his MQM via gifting he can be a Diamond every other year – which he prefers. In other words, the Delta AMEX relationship rocks if you know how to maximize with your relationships.

  9. You put 60K in spend on a card to get 60,000 SkyMiles instead of, say, 60,000 UR points.

    So yes, the net is $150 on the Reserve. And yes, there are a lot of nice benefits.

    But the 60,000 SkyMiles are worth enough less than the 60K UR points that there is opportunity cost. Opportunity cost isn’t free.

  10. @Mark – Spending on Chase cards to earn 60,000 UR points will earn me how many Delta MQMs? Yep, ZERO. Are we learning yet? 😉

  11. @DDiamond – True with base spend but as pointed out that could be spend on another card. I was talking “just” the bonus points. But you point is still valid yes!

  12. @Matt – No they go to the SkyMiles member who applies i.e. your SkyMiles number you put in when you apply for the card. However, each and every 15k bonus can be gifted to anyone you want.

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