Chicago to Hong Kong $541 & 17057 MQMs at 3.2CPM Delta Elite Mileage Run

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With a HT to a NYC area reader for this one and it is HUGE as they say. It does require a lot of flying and the over the water section will be in coach unless you use a Global Upgrade cert and lastly you will have one overnight in Hong Kong but it is a massive total of elite MQMs for the run at a very good price! I have done this one and you can see the seat reviews and such here.

You can tinker with the flights on Matrix or use Google flights as well to see what route you want to end up with.

Here are the numbers:

Cost: $541

17,057 MQMs at a low 3.2 CPM

Book via ITA MATRIX this link as an example

Book via Google Flights this link as another example

Be sure to be logged in to before you click link above

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  1. Rene,

    I have some GUCs, first time I have gotten them, is it just luck of the draw if I apply and they get accepted, or is there a strategy to it. I am sure you have a primer on this subject somewhere :).

  2. @SKF – You can call before you book to see if there are open GU space and then book those flights. If not, your shot to clear are decent on this route at some point or at the gate.

  3. Rene, I have always heard mixed messages about AMEX Cards only allowing sign up bonuses once in a lifetime. Your post states that Business Cards are once every 366 days or more… has that been proven? I know the personal cards are once per lifetime and never work again but I would be very interested in more AMEX Business Card Sign Up Bonuses if possible!

  4. @Santiago – Old info. All AMEX cards are now 1x lifetime. Then again it is only as long as AMEX says so. Many report 7ish years.

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