What City or Airport is MOST in need of or is missing a Delta Sky Club? Vote in my poll!

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where should the next Delta Sky Club be

There is a thread on FlyerTalk that got me thinking today and I want your input. Delta is all about bragging about how great the new and improved Sky Clubs are and especially the ones where they have added the pay for use Spas. All well and good to be able to brag how much better your clubs are than the competition but what if you have NO club at an airport? Is that not a bigger issue?

To me there are a number of airports that are just screaming for a Sky Club (or any club for some of them). Take for example Chicago’s Midway airport. There are NO clubs here at all. Same goes for Fort Myers, Florida. While others have amazing choices like Las Vegas that does have an AMEX Centurion and that to me makes building a Sky Club all but pointless – agree?

Then what about Houston, that does have not just one Skyteam lounge for you to enjoy but two Skyteam lounge choices as well as a Centurion but none of them are in the same concourse that Delta flies out of. Sure, an inconvenience, but all post security so no big deal other than time.

So you tell me. Vote in my poll below of what airport MOST needs a Delta Sky Club or vote for one not on my list and include that airport in your comments below! – René

What City or Airport is MOST in need of or is missing a Delta Sky Club?

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  1. San Jose needs a Sky Club. Delta has around 14 departures from SJC. In addition, many of the fliers are visiting Silicon Valley on business, and there is a vacant airport lounge practically adjacent to the Delta gates.

  2. CAK

    PHX could use one but it and MDW are airports I just wouldn’t want to be in long or at all. CAK is a hidden gem when it comes to routing between the hubs and with the airspace lounge vanishing, it would be nice to have something there. I’d prefer airspace or The Club but doubt the club could be supported there. CAK is a great airport and PIT, CLE, CMH alternative.with NYC< DTW< ATL flights with sizable flights at times. Well that's my pitch. Plus it's where i had my GE interview. 🙂

  3. Austin by far! UA and AA are the only other clubs. Yet DL has daily departures to ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, MSP, RDU, SEA, SLC. With RDU and SEA routes being launched this year. Not sure how many daily departures but north of 25. DL carried 1,530,740 passengers from AUS in 2016. That’s before DL launched RDU and SEA. Also AM started service to MEX so makes even more sense with a future JV partner!

  4. Talk about ironic: Recently, while at a client in SoDak, flew FSD-MSP-ORD and back. During the outbound, I had an experience at MSP Skyclub very worth sharing with Delta — kudos for a staff member that went above and beyond, but I digress — got a nice reply back from Delta thanking me for my feedback and that they were glad I enjoyed the Skyclub in FSD…

    So when you posted this survey about where to add one, I chuckled about how the mothership didn’t seem to know where they don’t have one, LOL.

  5. I know this may be a little strange to say, but MSN Madison, WI could use one. Every time I fly in and out of MSN the upgrade list is 50-60 people. Perhaps a little mini-club.

  6. London Heathrow.

    Since they moved completely into T3 they don’t have any lounges of their own, and all of their non-D1 pax get sent to a contract lounge.

  7. Which airports actually got a Sky Club for the first time over the last few years? The new Denver Sky Club is the only one that comes to mind. Please exclude replacement/additional Sky Clubs at airports that already had one.

  8. BWI doesn’t have one. That is the second closest airport to me, so if they built one there, I’d like that.

  9. Yyz, there are no lounges in T3 trans border and both DL and partner Westjet have about 20 flights a day south with long CBP preclearance airport time.

  10. Youre missing IAD! The lack of SkyClub there is a much bigger deal than these secondary airports.

  11. I don’t know if you are only looking for stateside locations; but Hanada in Japan sure needs one. Hanada is more convenient for downtown Tokyo than Narita, but no lounge unless you are flying Delta One. Narita has a Sky Team Lounge.

  12. BDL. PHX definitely needs one – I understand one is coming after a renovation of their terminal.

  13. MCI-Kansas City had a Crown Room for several years. The space is now occupied by a little used restaurant.

    If Delta reclaimed the space for a SkyClub, it would certainly alleviate some of the overcrowding around the Delta gates.

  14. Agree on Madison. And agree on the long upgrade lists in and out….50-60 IS common. Thanks to 20-something Epic consultants.

  15. den finally got one our jax is not a real one with prem liquor or better food choices ans with 30-40- on upgrade list some days could use upgrade…

  16. Young_Tho®ough You are right about CAK..it is a gem! And prices about the same as CLE. Not a good place to be when Delta has a meltdown however, very hard to get out of. (Asked to be put on United to get out..;-0).

  17. The MCI airport is the worst airport I’ve ever been to, bar none. I purposely try to arrive at the airport at the very last minute so I don’t have to spent any time inside. I would rather wait in a corn field.

    A sky club would be a welcome venue away from the confines of the horrid gate layout. Food options would be far superior to anything in the airport!

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