My final Delta Elite Mileage Run Thoughts and all the Issues & Workarounds to get to SXM

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RenesPoints final review SXM St Maarten Maho Beach Delta Elite MilageRun fun (1)

The landing view at SXM from Delta

Whenever it comes to any kind of mileage run the question always comes up, was it worth it. Some folks who fly all the time cannot grasp the idea or concept of ever taking a mileage run, but when you can turn it into a “fun run” it really works. And even when a run is just for the points, you just never know what might happen. When it does not matter where you go or where you end up travel can become most interesting (that is, the travel is the goal).

RenesPoints final review SXM St Maarten Maho Beach Delta Elite MilageRun fun (4)

The Sunset Bar at SXM Maho Beach

This adventure was a unique one. I wanted to get to SXM again and I wanted to have a chance to have a bunch of readers join me – not just at Maho Beach – but on the run. I looked and looked and finally found an amazing price out of PHX with lots of open space. I booked it, setup the post, went to test the links and BOOM the price was gone. While I do not use colorful language I was most sorely tempted to at that point. Grrrrr!

But I did not give up on the idea and concept (since I already had tickets for both me and my pal, TexasYankee). So on to trying to setup the rest and offer to work on choices to get whoever wanted to join us down to SXM. I had no idea how many would show up the first weekend in January. A bunch did and I think one and all enjoyed the view from the Sunset Bar!

RenesPoints final review SXM St Maarten Maho Beach Delta Elite MilageRun fun (2)

THIS never gets old!

While I had spent some time at this stunning AV geek location once before I had not had a full day to take it all in – to really experience all that this unique location has to offer, and I am thrilled I had that chance.

A run is always about the earns (and the cost). To start the year picking up 13,654 MQMs is just sweet. At a cost of 5.7 CPM is a bit on the high side as my goal number for a coach run is around 4 CPM (if you are curious it is about 8 CPM in business class). But considering that included the run and the positioning flights I am not entirely disappointed with what I paid.

I had never been to THE CLUB at PHX and that was interesting. Believe it or not I had never flown the LAX-JFK Delta One (have the other way and to/from SFO). Getting a chance to refresh my feelings on the 757 full flats was great.

my amex bill for the asanda spa jfk delta sky club renespoints blog review

I paid for my Delta SPA visit with my Delta AMEX card – IMO I should get 2x points 😉

Now as a blogger every time I travel it is a chance to observe and reflect on changes. Delta never pays for any of my flights – EVER – I pay for my own way. That gives me an objective voice, but this means not always one Delta appreciates. I tend to question a review from a blogger that has travel or perks “gifted” to them. Thus my review of the new pay-4-play spa at JFK where I paid for the treatment was not clouded by any complimentary Delta offerings. I like having an honest view of what Delta does good and bad and I hope that comes across on the blog.

RenesPoints final review SXM St Maarten Maho Beach Delta Elite MilageRun fun (3)

Worth it for this shot alone! #BloggersLife

Overall I have to say I am thrilled with this first “group” adventure and with the winter storm tossed in I was amazed how many finally made it, one way or another, to SXM! I really am looking forward to the next one in a few weeks starting in Dallas with BBQ and then a quick run to LAX and back. Clearly it will not have the WoW factor of this one but between the two I have learned just how hard it is to find an amazing price for a large group all to join up and do a mileage run! – René




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  1. Loved your reviews of the SXM mini Vaca run! I was affected by. Bad weather but succeeded to get there albeit minus the “run” and worth every moment!
    Reminder to me *****nothing raw and NO ice********

  2. Thanks for the memories…could not do the run but it was a fun get together..See u on the next one!!!!

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