You might be a Swede if – you say YES to all of these statements. Just what did YOU score?

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THIS is how to spend summertime!

Let’s just have some fun today. I have a bit of a Swedish quiz for you. I want you to consider each of these statements and how you feel about each one. When you look at them is your instant reaction a YES or do you think NO way that is just crazy! Or, are you maybe somewhere in the middle. Let’s see what you think.

  • You get candy only on Saturdays.

If you buy candy on any other day but Saturday you do not get a point for this one. Lördagsgodis is something we grow up with. Even parents will relent on Saturday.

  • You like jelly and cheese on a sandwich.

Does this sound strange to you? If so you not only don’t get a point but are missing out. A hard bread sandwich with jelly and cheese is like candy not on Saturday!

  • You have a sandwich with meat or cheese not both.

If you are surprised to have a sandwich presented, or offered, with cheese (one slice) or meat (sorta one slice) and you feel something is missing you get a minus point for this one!

  • You eat a sandwich with one piece of bread.

Here is one that works well with the last one. If you feel two slices of bread are a must to make a proper sandwich you again don’t get a point.

  • You eat crab, shrimp, crawfish and lobster cold (and salty).

If you happen to expect your shellfish to be hot and presented alongside a dish of melted butter you do not get a point. If you expect them to be cold and salty and presented in a bowl (in the shell) then you get two points for this one (yeah, bonus points)!

  • You take at least 5+ weeks of vacation a year.

I have, for about 10 years, taken months off a year. If you think this is weird or strange or not normal (or you stress out about this idea) you are no Swede.

  • You don’t think twice about calling in sick when on vacation.

If you have never called in sick while on vacation you don’t get a point. After all, if you are sick, you are on sick pay time – not missing out on your vacation time – duh!

  • 25% Sales tax seems reasonable to you.

Taxes are part of life. Huge taxes pay for cradle to grave and if you think 25% sales tax sounds excessive you do not get a point here either. If you are shocked by this one you really don’t want to think about what the top income tax bracket is.

  • Blackout blinds are just part of summer for you.

First, if you don’t know what a blackout blind is you get one minus point (sorry, my quiz, my rules)! If you say you cannot sleep when it is light out almost 24 hours a day you don’t get a point for this one either even if you know what blackout blinds are.

  • You gripe when a bus or tram is 2 minutes late.

Here is one you get bonus points for if you have said this. Swedish trams and buses and trains are ridiculously on time. They would make a Delta flyer swoon with jealousy.

  • All your J’s are Y’s and Y’s are J’s!

If you go to bake bread and reach for “Jeast” and then you want some OJ with your bread you then ask for “Yoose” then you get two points for this one.

  • You consider 5% “strong” beer worth more money than 3.5% class II beer.

I doubt most in the US look at the alcohol percentage on beer when they buy it at their local store. But if you understand that something like BUD ICE would only be at the state liquor store whereas other lower percentage beers would be at the grocery store then you understand Sweden (and the higher tax for the higher percentage drinks).

  • You put on potatoes and then decide what is for dinner.

This one is not hard. The hard part is boiled, baked or mashed. Then you choose your protein. If you don’t first choose potatoes type of preparation you don’t score a point here.

  • You consider spaghetti and ketchup to be a meal.

I have to admit I don’t get this one. But with the bonus points I can still score a 20+. Ah well, few are true yellow and blue Swedes.

  • You always have at least 5 pancakes at a time.

Pancakes are thin. They don’t come in a stack they are rolled and with butter or jelly or other nummy stuff. If you even thought about maple syrup then you get a minus point for this one.

  • You, or someone in the family, has a summer house.

The city life is fine for day to day but you have to spend your 5+ weeks of summer vacation somewhere and it is at the summer house. If you don’t have one, or your family does not have one, you don’t get a point.

  • You learned to sail before you could walk.

Cue Christopher Cross. Sailing is just natural. If you get sea sick or don’t know how to tack or rig a sail you don’t get it or a point for this one either (you land lover you).

  • It’s not weird to you that Banks don’t have cash.

Banks don’t have cash (this does cut down on robberies btw). You don’t go to a bank to get money, you go to a “Bankomat”. Then again, why would you ever need real money when everything is done with your card and the pin code. This is not hard and you should have scored a point for this one.

  • A tram/train/boat combo is always better than owning a car.

If you think you need a car you are not thinking Swedish. All you need to do is go online and do a search for what connections you need (they will clearly all be on time) and you can transit with your prepaid card on all the public transportation. If you have ever searched online at  you get a bonus point!

  • You will walk or bike in any weather!

When walking you know that cars must stop (at least on cross walks – mostly). You also know bikes have rights. Lastly, you get a bonus point if you know bikes are crazy and will mow anything down including walkers on sidewalks. 😉

OK that is my list and let’s see how you did. If you said YES or did not think twice about any of the above give yourself 1 point. If NO you don’t get a point. Also count up the the bonus point questions and you have your total score and let’s see how Swedish you really are (or think you are). Vote below and tell us what you scored! – René

Just how Swedish am I? My score from the quiz above.

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  1. You missed this: If you’re in a business meeting and respond to statements or questions with one of 15 variations of hmmm or mmmmm, you MIGHT be a Swede. 😉

    I’m no Swede, but working for Tetra Pak, I recognize all of these!

  2. My wife and I just finished a year living in Sweden and these are spot on. The only things to add would be Andrew’s comments about responding to people with mmmm and lagom

  3. I may have reached 2 pts.
    sleep when it is daylight and walk or bike in any weather

    But that Svedish accent speaking Island Speak in SXM was interesting!

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