How to know for sure if you can get the SPG Personal & Business new card offer with 1x “lifetime” restriction.

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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

spg personal and business cards

This is a sweet deal but only if you are eligible to get the offer. That is not to say that AMEX will not approve you for the card but unless you have a need, like getting Sheraton club access no matter what your status with the business SPG card, getting the card is normally for the new card bonus.

Right now the increased offer is one of the best they have ever had and if you have not had either of these cards now is the time to seriously consider picking them up. Do notice you must spend $5000 on either card for the full bonus offer. But on to the question about if you can get this and is there a simple way to check to see if you have had the card before?

How to chat with AMEX to check to see if you can get a new card bonus again (1)

The more important question is if AMEX says you have had the card before. Some are reporting the “lifetime” restriction is not really forever but has a 7 year reset. While I have no personal data points to support this the key part to take from this is not if you have really had the card before but if they say you have had the card before. So how do you check? It really is simple and you should take the time NOW to get in “print” the proof of what cards you have had. First you log into your Amex account and start a chat with the online reps.

How to chat with AMEX to check to see if you can get a new card bonus again combo

Then you simply ask what personal and business cards you have ever had before. Then, if you are someone like me that often goes for new card bonus offers, you will have a VERY long list of cards.

all the cards AMEX says I have had EVER RenesPoints

Some of them you may have had more that once in the old days before the rule became once in a lifetime.

final 1

final 2

Right now I hold the Personal SPG card but as you can see I have had the business card as well so will not be going for this offer (grrrrrrrr – I would LOVE 35k SPG points right now).

But even if you are in the same situation as I am you can, like me, do screen shots so that you can know for sure what AMEX you can go for and once approved and you meet the spend can get the full new card bonus offer! – René



  1. If my wife has never had the SPG Personal card, she should be able to get it and then transfer the points to me thanks to SPG free points transfers.

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