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Boeing Factory Tour RenesPoints blog Review (5)

As an AVgeek visiting Seattle there are so many things you can pick from that are aviation eye candy and embrace your inner travel child. Since FTU was in Seattle this weekend and I was speaking at the event why not check out two locations I have really been wanting to visit – that is, first the Boeing factory and the Future of Flight.

Boeing Factory Tour RenesPoints blog Review (1)

I will not be able to show you very many photos of the tour as cell phone, and cameras, are VERY strictly forbidden. But this YouTube video will give you a quick overview.

It really was amazing to see so many 787s under construction and just the massive scale of everything at this location.

Boeing Factory Tour RenesPoints blog Review (2)

The tour guide over and over talked about the scale of the operation and it was helpful as looking down on the factory floor you begin to blur about how large everything really is.

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On the 777 assembly line there were 3 jets nose to tail that represented over 1 billion in new jets right before our eyes (or as x-Delta CEO Richard Anderson said, about 30M in used jets)!

Boeing Factory Tour RenesPoints blog Review (4)

Boeing Factory Tour RenesPoints blog Review (6)

After the tour we enjoyed some time in the Future of Flight museum before heading back to the airport host hotel locations. It takes about 1-2 hours depending on traffic from the airport if you are going for a visit.

Museum of Flight Seattle RenesPoints blog group

The next morning, Friday we made the much shorter drive over to the Museum of Flight near SEA airport. What an amazing place and I could have spent all day long at this location. There was just so much to take in. Let me give you the briefest overview.

space shuttle trainer sim all trained in renespoints blog

Museum of Flight tour RenesPoints blog (5)

Our guided tour (two guides no less) took us to the building across the street where the Space Shuttle trainer is housed as well as a Russian Soyuz capsule. It may not look like much but it is a tested safe way to return to Earth from space!

an old air force one jet RenesPoints blog

UA tri hole classic

Next up we have a massive outside hanger PACKED full of aircraft including an old Air Force One, class tri-hole, Concorde and so much more.

Museum of Flight tour RenesPoints blog (2)

Museum of Flight tour RenesPoints blog (1)

Many of the aircraft allow you to enter inside, including the very first 747 test and design jet. Just amazing and listening to all the history behind them all.

Museum of Flight tour RenesPoints blog (4)

Museum of Flight tour RenesPoints blog (3)

We ended out tour with a brief inside tour and again the amount of aircraft, history and simulators is never ending. What an amazing location.

The bottom line, either of these locations (or both) are well worth the visit on their own. If you are planning to visit the Seattle area block out the time to enjoy these aviation treasures! – René


  1. Thank you for organizing these tours! Lots of fun and got to meet a great group of people.

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