RenésPoints February Newsletter – The 2017 Medallion year is HERE!

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WoW what a month. Delta sure has shaken up the Medallion program this month with frankly great changes – once they fix them and make them work that is! But there was a ton that went on beyond that and let’s take a look:

➥ Were you delayed in the latest Delta CPU meltdown? There is now a link for compensation!

➥ Choosing new Delta Diamond Medallion Choices Benefits 2018 – What to pick depends on you!

➥ A few updates to my, and readers, Delta Medallion 2018 Choice Benefit changes questions. Interesting!

➥ Is the Delta One JFK to LAX really competitive? Is it a premium product / experience / seat anymore?

➥ How to get off the phone without the awkward Delta telemarketing pitch!

➥ Delta’s 1st Class Korean Meatball with Rice and Pickles Lunch – Yes Please – Num!

➥ TODAY I gifted 15,000 Delta MQMs to a friend and you can do this too (or keep them maybe)!

➥ Quick tips on how I do my KIVA loans with ZERO losses (well, at least so far that is)!

➥ Register (and print screen) for shot at 25,000 bonus Delta SkyMiles offer

➥ Am I the only one who feels Skyteam’s @KLM support on Twitter is worthless, pointless and to be avoided?

➥ The Plaza Premium Priority Pass Lounge Hong Kong HKG Airport RenesPoints Blog Review

What does Delta owe you for a – Delayed Flight, IROP, Cancellation and more?

➥ When Delta is always so good – The bad flights really stand out! – My “Enter the Twilight Zone” Delta flight.

➥ Delta “drag” woman pleads guilty. Last days to purchase 2016 status points. NAI more than SAS & more!

➥ My final Delta Elite Mileage Run Thoughts and all the Issues & Workarounds to get to SXM

➥ What City or Airport is MOST in need of or is missing a Delta Sky Club? Vote in my poll!

➥ You might be a Swede if – you say YES to all of these statements. Just what did YOU score?

➥ How to get more Delta First Class Medallion Upgrades – The Definitive Guide!

➥ More quirky issues with Delta Medallion Sky Club “Guest Pass” Choice Benefit – No fix yet!

➥ Do annual fees count toward your yearly Delta AMEX MQM spend? A warning to over pay or else!

➥ Who has better “free” 1st class earbuds – Delta Air Lines or American Airlines? A review of both sets.

How to know for sure if you can get the 35,000 point SPG Personal & Business new card offer with 1x “lifetime” restriction.

➥ Delta & Travel News Weekend Update – A whole lot has been going on this month!

➥ Are IHG, Marriott & other Hotel Branded Credit Cards with “Free” Nights Worth Keeping?

➥ My First Test of UBEReats – I think I like it & a $15 discount is nice too!

➥ What are the United and American Airlines carry-on bag size testers really like – we compare.

➥ Authorized Users – Be Sure to ALWAYS Carry Your Card with you!

➥ Updates to the Delta MSP central Sky Club – How impressive are the changes?

➥ United #MPEclusives Suite at Riviera Country Club PGA LAX Genesis Open review

100,000 Delta SkyMiles Possible on two cards during LTO ending 4/5 – 2017!

➥ The Two Biggest Obstacles to a Great Mileage Run and Award Ticket Bookings

Boeing Factory Tour & Museum of Flight Tour Seattle pre-FTU RenesPoints blog

➥ Unique Delta travel tips I bet you don’t know about! Are there others you can share as well?

➥ What are the most irritating things hotels do (that they don’t have to)?

Never ever a dull moment for those of us who fly Delta. I cannot wait for the rest of the year and see what happens next. How much harder Delta makes it to get an upgrade as well as hopefully what else good they do with the award and loyalty programs. Time will tell! – René


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. Any idea when 2017 medallion packets will be mailed? I’m DL Plat and still waiting…

  2. @Jake – If you got one in 2016 you may not get one this year. However, last year I go my 2016 Diamond in MAY believe it or not so…

  3. Love this post: Unique Delta travel tips I bet you don’t know about! Are there others you can share as well?

    Always looking for tips

  4. I think uber is changing our world for the better and I’ll say that was my favorite post. Seeing their self driving Volvos in phoenix is pretty cool too.

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