SWAG Saturday Returns: Metal Die Cast Delta 747 & Gogo pass giveaway!

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Thanks Gogo for the SWAG! Love it.

What a fun visit! Yesterday I had the privilege of a tour of the Gogo corporate offices in Chicago as well as attending an AVgeek meetup. I have tons of really exciting Gogo news to share for us Delta fliers but will save that for another post next week. Today is all about the SWAG!

SWAG giveaway RenesPoints blog (1)

The Gogo rep was kind enough to give me some really neat Gogo stuff to giveaway here on the blog including what you see above that is a Metal Die Cast Delta 747-400. These are neat collectors items – but wait there is more!

SWAG giveaway RenesPoints blog (2)

Gotta love FREE Gogo time!

The winner this week not only gets the 1:400 scale Delta jet you see above but also 3 one-time Gogo passes (good till the end of September this year). The runner up will get 3 one-time Gogo passes as a consolation prize!

The rules to play along are simple – just leave a unique comment below on this post. Enter as often as you would like but each comment must be unique. You must use a valid e-mail address and if I can not reach you in 7 days after choosing the winner, via Random.org, I will choose another random winner(s). I will select the winner after 5PM ET on 5MARCH17.

That’s it AVgeeks have fun and have a fun weekend! – René


UPDATE: We have our winners – No more comments! The winners are:

winner 1

Winner #1

winner 2

Winner #2




  1. GoGo is great but I wish that it wasn’t constrained when a lot of users are on / like my flight yesterday.

  2. It seems like Gogo has a monopoly on aviation wifi – is there anyone else out there?

  3. Another thought – Gogo shouldn’t turn off below 10k ft. I would like it to remain on for the entirety of the flight so I can get more work done – and seamlessly connect from the Sky Club to my seat.

  4. I’d love to be smart enough to visit gogo. Wonder if I’ll ever give up my “dumb” phone?

  5. Does it come with gogo boots? Glad I got to fly upstairs on a couple of 747’s in my life.

  6. 747 Upper Deck… Heaven

    GoGo…. keeps you connected to Earth.

    Interesting opposite combination.

  7. I like the concept of GoGo, but won’t use because of security concerns and slow connections.

  8. My daughter is headed to Jackson Hole week after next. Being a youngster it is quite traumatic to loose connection to cyberspace for several hours. A GOGO would make her giddy I am sure.

  9. I’m really going to miss the DL 747. Flew her from NRT-DTW in 77A last month. What a great ride!

  10. Hope I win! Taking a couple flights on Delta over the next 14 days, would be nice! Good luck to all!

  11. At least my daughter will be able to play with the 747 since she won’t get to fly in one.

  12. I may never get to fly the Queen of the Skies again, so the idea of a collectible is great. Plus, we love Gogo!

  13. Congrats to the first all female African American women pilot team at delta.

  14. My grandson needs the 747 so that when that someday he can show his children what his grandfather flew back in the old days.

  15. Flew the first non stop Boston to st Thomas inaugural flight. Love the Gogo service

  16. Free Go Go passes would be great especially now that the cost of a daily pass has increased on Delta from $16 to $19.

  17. Gogo is great, I can fly out on Friday/Monday and work from the plane and not use vacation days

  18. I am the only one to see the Million Mile Parade on the upper deck 747 for UKNOWWHO.

  19. Did not realize GoGo was based in Chicago. Really wish they would team up with the major airline based there as well…

  20. The metal die-cast 747-400 brings back memories of several long trips to/from Detroit (DTW) and Osaka Kansai (KIX). Yes, those were during the pre-Delta days of Northwest but close enough!

  21. I worked for National Airlines when we had the 747 service from Miami to LHR. My Irish wife and I were in our 20’s (mid-1970’s) sitting up in the “hump” eating caviar, drinking champagne and having a nice roast cut and served to us. Yes, coat and tie required. But wow what an experience for the two of us that never had any money. $40 for First Class pass. Best plane to ever fly!
    – It’s sad to see Delta phasing out the last of NW 747’s.

  22. I see the comments from folks who have never used Gogo. Do you sleep or watch videos instead? Gogo is such a part of my flight activity I’d go stir crazy without it.

    Love GoGo!

  23. What is GoGo? Have been 747 upper deck on Delta, Quantas and Air New Zealand, but have never heard of GoGo.

  24. When my oldest son was younger we would sit in a recliner together and pretend we were in business class on a 747 flying together somewhere. So sorry to see them fade out of service!

  25. Oooh! Pick me! Please, pick me! Wait, you use a random number generator…randomize me! Randomize me!

  26. U kno ur a delta junkie when your favorite routing from SAN to SJC is via SLC

  27. Is gogo generally included free on Z class international flights?
    I’ll find out in 8 hours!

  28. The first upgrade I ever got in life was on Delta B747 NRT/TPE 4 years ago. I’ll miss the Queen of the Sky in Delta livery once they all retire. I’d love to get that model plane.

  29. Would love to win the 747 for my 1 yr old daughter who is also a frequent flyer! Wouldn’t mind the gogo passes either!

  30. Binghamton, NY airport (BGM) had DL, AA, UA flying out of it. Recently AA and UA left, leaving only DL (and they STILL only fly CRJ200’s, usually 100% full). And to make things crazier, due to runway work there will be NO flights at all in May.

  31. So, if I buy a ticket with my Delta Platinum, does the spend show up when that statement posts, or does it wait to show up until you fly?

    I’m hoping to hit the 25k target this year, but 5-6k of that will be travel & I don’t want to overshoot it.

  32. Does Gogo have global coverage now? I’ve read news from DL about upgrades on their transoceanic routes but not sure how well that works. Will try it on return from CPH in May.

  33. I think that @mrsrenespoints is the real brains and should be a Saint!

  34. I wish I could find excellent mileage runs like the ones I see on renespoints.com

  35. Lately, each time I try to book a flight on Delta website when it comes time to finalize I get the “looks like there is a high demand for these flights, the price has increased.” So I log off, go to another browser, and book at the lower price. I mean EVERY time! This is very deceptive marketing and not a nice practice.

  36. @ RossKoh The Amex spend shows up as soon as it posts. The MQDs don’t show up until you fly it.

  37. After reading the comments so far, their are quite a number of us that would like to check off the 747 flight off the bucket list.

  38. Looking forward to hearing the news and improvements…not a regular user, but that’s more a function of my using the flight as “quiet time” to get work done 🙂 without distractions like work emails and such 🙁 rather than GII’s availability.

  39. I’d love to visit gogo in Chicago. Lots of stuff to work on for the future.

  40. I just flew on the upper deck of one of Delta’s 747’s – probably my last chance! Would be nice to commemorate that flight with the mini 747!

  41. I have never used Gogo on a flight and I am Diamond!! It would be a great way to try it out. Thanks!!! Do these work on international flights also?? Going to Barcelona on Wednesday. ✈️

  42. I agree Steve, multiple entries is an odd thing to allow. A lot more work for poor René, easily abused, leads to poor quality comments and puts busy people at a bit of a disadvantage.

  43. On the other hand, since it is allowed, here’s another one! (I rest my case :-)) Promise, if I type something else it will have al least some substance.

  44. First 747 was a BOAC flight from LHR to JFK in ’73. You always remember the first time……

  45. Flying this week from ICN to DTW on a 747 with Delta. It will probably be my last chance to fly in one before they retire the 747.

  46. The gogo is not free with Z class international, but it is offered.

    Odd, I called the medallion line to check if wifi was available while at my prior leg, they said it was not offered across the ocean.
    C’mon Delta, help educate your staff. She put me on hold to check and everything…

  47. And another thing:
    Gogo is cool and all, but everyone should keep in mind TMobile offers freebies as well.
    Worth a switch if you travel a lot!

  48. Good morning! Just checking my flights for this month and wishing for wifi Have a great day

  49. A great day to get up, enjoy a flight on the Queen of the sky, and place another entry for the swag giveaway. Well, doing two out of three isn’t bad for an early Sunday morning…

  50. Loved flying upstairs. It was like a private cabin with personal service.

  51. The queen is a beaut. Only ever got to fly a DL 747 once. In case folks don’t know, if you are a T-Mobile customer you get a free hour of gogo On every flight.

  52. Hi. Do you think there will ever be a frequent traveler university type gathering in MSP?? Timing never works for me to do the Chicago area one or the one in Seattle. Thanks!

  53. Ok, so of course I’d love this–I pay for a lot of my travel and all my Gogo myself–on my Delta flights

  54. Moving back to IND so maybe I’ll be on a flight from SBN with Rene someday. I’ve used that airport for better mileage deals before.

  55. Those die-cast models are cool. My son now has a die-cast model of a U.S. Air Force KC-135 (Boeing 707) which had been my father’s.

  56. GoGo has definitely been hit and miss lately. Sometimes it works great — much better than usual. Other times it’s barely useable, even on the same route. I need to fly more to with free passes to really test it out!

  57. Totally wish I could have tagged along last week on your Boeing and Museum of Flight tours!

  58. The free Gogo passes would be very helpful for my consulting trips where airplane Internet is the only non-reimbursed expense (I’d gladly trade some of the others.)

  59. How many times in recent months has it seemed like Delta is telling us, “The die is cast?”

  60. If our comments were in a race for the prizes, would it be appropriate to yell “Gogo! Gogo!” ???

  61. Why does Delta send emails congratulating me on my upgrade when it’s the same seat I already had?? Thanks for the swag this week!!

  62. My upgrade cleared for my Sunday flight, only wish I had free Gogo to go with it. I guess I can use Tmobile for the time being 🙂

  63. I’d love a 747 die-cast model.
    Any plans on flying the last flight, tentatively scheduled for Dec 31?

  64. Can’t argue with free Gogo, would prefer the 747. Maybe one ought make an MR out of it before they retire the fleet…CPM won’t be in 🙂 range, but still…just to say I got to experience it once, if the future grandchildren even ask about it, or phonographs, or dial dialphones, or books… Ain’t life’s memories grand? LOL

  65. …then again, mileage runs may be a thing of the past after they get teleportation over internet protocol (TOIP) perfected. We’ll have to explain the MR concept to future generations.

  66. Now there’s an idea. Have Gogo on your flight, log on and ToIP yourself to your destination because IROPs rescheduled you for a flight later tomorrow.

  67. Following that ToIP thought, despite net neutrality, Delta would try to find a way to monetize the perceived level of transport comfort. 🙁

  68. And as they “enhanced” their SkyToIP program, UA and AA would do the same a short time later.

  69. I know the window is closed, but nothing wrong with sharing a little creative thought for fun, might lead to DL researching the enhancement possibility… 🙂

  70. Actually, mark, I’m not 100% sure the window is closed. And what happens when they lose your luggage on ToIP?

  71. Thanks to the forward thinking on Northwest Airlines to acquire the 747’s that greatly benefitted Delta right after the merger especially on their lucrative Asia routes.

  72. Hats off to Northwest for acquiring the 747’s that helped lead the success of Delta to Asia after the merger!

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