Does your social media “footprint” impact your service with Delta or other companies?

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You wanna be a BIG dot!

Earlier this week I posted about my visit to the Gogo corporate headquarters in Chicago just before the AVgeek meetup. It was fascinating to get to see how Gogo works as well as what is on the way for us Delta flyers.

But one thing I did not cover in the post was a shot of the monitor you see above – that is, the live real-time tracking of the social interaction with Gogo. Just so interesting to me. Here is what the bits you are seeing represents:

  • Green or Red for Positive or Negative reactions
  • Size of Dot your social impact
  • Linked interactions
  • Volume of tweets and reach

I don’t know about you, but all of this is just really nerd-geek cool to me and at the same time just a tiny bit creepy when you think about it. And it does drive a bunch of questions and things to think about.

Now I know this is not in any way ground breaking news. All you have to do is see on social media how fast companies do usually at least respond to tweets and such from folks with HUGE followings vs. the sometimes much slower (or ignored) tweets from those who only have a few “friends” or followers. Also most companies track those in the press (or mega bloggers as well) so they can respond quickly. Again, not shocking news to just about anyone.

But this does drive home the point of this post, that really anyone who does have a large social media footprint often gets faster service. The service may or many not be any better  – just faster. I have found Delta on social to be very responsive to anyone who reaches out, even to those who have very few followers and the like. But at the same time they are even faster responding to those with millions of followers. And I have seen in my Twitter feed folks asking why @Delta has yet to respond to some simple questions.

So can you work this? I am not suggesting it is worth it to buy fake followers or the like to pump up your real or perceived social media impact, but I am saying it could be wise to work on organically growing it to a modest level (you pick the platform) to get noticed when you need it and maybe a little faster than others. Heck, when asking for something special just maybe the rep at the other end of the social media channel may be a tiny bit more willing to do what you are asking for.

What do you think? Do companies prioritize by your social media impact? – René

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  1. I am an evangelist in the w development space, and I know a lot of people who use the Crowdfire app to build their social media following.

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