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Am I the only one beyond frustrated with Fly Delta App offline mode? We need an OPT-OUT button!

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fly delta app offline mode frustrating
Where is the OPT-OUT button Delta?

This week I spent a bunch of time on Delta jets – that is 9 segments in just 3 days. When it comes to flying Delta they are so reliable that booking that many flights tightly packed together really is no problem. Even though Delta flights are almost always full (or over full) they still fly reliably on time and just about always complete a flight. Truly impressive.

But then there is Delta IT. I often gripe about IT, but I know deep down many times the issues are not really the IT folks fault. They have to work with what others who order them to do things like blocking access to RU & GU space that should be open since medallions have earned the right to use these Choice Benefits. Or, as another classic example, the brilliant minds at SkyMiles have apparently told the IT folks to cause what should price as a single award ticket to price at 2 or 3 (btw the SkyMiles folks are fine with this and I have been told this face to face by the people in charge).

And that brings us to today’s issue, that is, the new “enhancement” of offline mode for the Fly Delta App.

Let me break in for a moment and say I truly like – no, wait – LOVE the Fly Delta App. It is elegant, reasonably fast and packed full of useful data. If you compare it to other airlines apps you will see why I say this. Well I should say I DID love the Fly Delta App. Now I want to stop using it when I fly Delta and it is all thanks to what you see at the top of this post, that is, the new enhancement called “offline mode”!

I think I understand the idea behind this latest update that is as the Delta PR site says (after a bunch of babble about coffee):

“Offline mode is another new feature of Fly Delta 4.2 for iPhone, which increases the reliability of the app by making customer travel itinerary information – including boarding passes – available even when their device isn’t connected to the Internet.” – Delta News Hub

Yes, having access to your boarding pass is important and boarding is almost always slowed down by someone who cannot pull up their boarding pass on their phone. Thus this offline mode should help fix this one issue but at the same time it cripples everything else that is really useful and important like where I am on the upgrade list and so much more.

You see, I am smart enough to A) do a screen shot of my boarding passes as soon as I get them and B) print a paper copy just in case. Lastly C) even have my lock screen as my SkyMiles number QR code that I can use to board even when my phone is locked.

i so want an opt out button for offline mode in my fly delta app
How about 4.3 & remove offline mode, Delta?

Delta has been nice enough to give us an “opt-out” choice when it comes to C+ seats (a.k.a. “Comfort” Plus). I have this opt-out as my default setting then carefully choose what segments I may or may not want to “upgrade” to a C+ seat. So why can I not have the same simple choice in the settings tab of the app to opt-out of offline mode, Delta?

Right now, when you get stuck in the offline mode situation, you have to:

  • Log out and log back into the app, or
  • Exit the app and open it again, or
  • Log out and exit app, or
  • Reboot phone and open app (and pray)!

I have had to do all of the above just to get the Fly Delta App to release itself from the enhancement of the offline mode. Yep, beyond frustrating and just maddening.

The funny thing (if there is anything funny about this latest feature) is I forgot during all my frequent time in offline mode to try to pull up the one thing that would be useful, that is, the ability to access a HOOU coupons on flights with no wifi. 😉

You tell me now in the comments section below. What has your iOS or Android experience been like with the latest enhancement to the Fly Delta App. Do you like the new features or does it make you, like me, want to go back to paper until this is fixed? – René



Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I don’t like the offline mode either. But if it is to add value I need airports like CDG (which I fly to next week) to be online and available – CDG is a really confusing airport IMO.

  2. I’m commenting on your statement that the Stymiles folks are intentionally having some award tickets price at two or three times what they should cost. That is flat out theft from some of its best customers by the company that is constantly touting adherence to the values of honesty and integrity in its corporate charter. How do they get away with highway robbery?

    • @John – When I pointed this out I was told it is working the way it was designed and then I was asked: “You have a problem paying for two tickets”? I was shocked but keep in mind there is no theft here as Delta can charge whatever they want for awards. But clearly hiding the award charts makes it much harder to see what is happening as well.

  3. App development and IT aren’t really the same thing. App development is usually Marketing driven much to the dismay and chagrin for us in IT where we’re told to ‘just make it work’. In my experience at least.

  4. Perhaps delta’s overcharging its customers is not technically theft, but it is highway robbery!

  5. When flying for days on end the Delta app will not let me access boarding passes for flights other than the one I am on. My solution is to go to and check in using my PNR without logging in. I then have the passes sent to my email address and download them to my iPhone wallet. I can then go back to and track my upgrade status.

  6. I have not been stuck in offline mode. But I constantly have the Delta App go nuts on international flights. 70% it works on outbound, but inbound, delta has AirFrance (OMG model of inefficiency), manage their flights. When AF touches a Delta metal flight, all bets are off interms of knowing real facts – only interface with a real person can confirm check in occurred, seat assignments are valid ect…. This is a major headache.

    Just a plug ===> 360’s need more GUC’s or complementary international upgrades. (Shameless I know)

  7. I would just be happy to store my delta e-certificates within the MyDelta section of the website or app. Why I have to keep them separate is beyond me.

  8. dot cahill Reply

    i’m not updating my Delta app till i really have too!!!so no offline yet but my app goes crazy when approaching any airport for traveling!!!

  9. Running into it the last couple of days. Maddening! I can force-close the app from Apps and then it reconnects but definitely messed up.

    • @Rick – That is one fix I had not thought about but YES it is beyond maddening. We need to be able to turn this enhancement off period!

  10. I played with offline mode a bit today and see no problems at all — it worked great! I’d go on- and off- line and try to break it. Each time I was offline it told me so but I could still navigate just fine, see my flights etc. When back online the data refreshed. I also tried force-quitting the app to try to break it, both when on and offline, but, again, no issues found.

    • @Bill – Keep in mind while in offline mode you will not get updates for gate changes, seat changes, upgrade list and so much more good info. Plus, as so many others have said, departing offline mode is not always easy!

  11. The VS app is based on the DL one (Rene you should look at theirs!) and I’m running into these issues too.

    I’ve noticed it gets stuck the most if its not the active/visible app and the connection drops out (for example going from WiFi to 4G) while it’s inactive. i haven’t tried it on flights since the update (most of VS’ planes don’t have WiFi yet either) but i reckon my experiences will be similar to yours.

  12. Version 4.2.1 Android on Pixel XL – often sees me as in “offline mode” even when i’m connected to wifi. very frustrating and a previously excellent app.

  13. Kelly Krieger Reply

    Oh my gawd. I hate off line mode. I have an android and theven app is constantly in off line mode even when I’m connected to the Internet and not on a plane. I totally agree with you and searched all over for an opt out option which is no where to be found. Frustrating.

  14. Not a fan of the offline mode. Constantly having issues with this feature.

  15. Pixel XL used to work fine, now it keeps me in OFFLINE mode even when on Verizon 4G where I can load any website in seconds…something definitely wrong with the update. Logging of and back in doesn’t fix it always. Trying a full reboot of the phone now.

  16. It seems every time my Moto Z Force gets an update, I end up stuck in Offline mode until I uninstall the Delta app, reinstall and log back in. Rebooting the phone does not fix it, the app has to be reinstalled. ANNOYING!! Delta needs to dump their offline mode until they can get this issue fixed.

  17. I never understand why people screenshot or open the app to access boarding passes. Just add it to your apple wallet and you can access it from lock screen.

  18. I am also frustrated to hell and back with this moronic offline mode. It needs to [edit] as I have to sign in each time and the [edit] is still in offline mode even connected to the internet. I am going to call in and complain.

    Another example of some desk jocky moron thinking up ideas that might feel nice in the office, but have absolutely no use in the real world.


  19. Totally having the same issues with offline mode and this is the only page with other people commenting with the same issues. Beyond frustrating!!!! I cannot figure out how I end up in offline mode and I have yet to figure out how to get it back online. Even if I log off and log back in I’m still offline. I’ve commented on the app page but to no avail.

  20. I have found that if you turn on airplane mode and then turn it off (with the app open and logged in) it will become un-stuck. Hope that helps some!

  21. I’m dealing with offline mode this morning on android. I have tried logging out and back in. Still offline.

    Delta WAS the best app.

  22. Brent Jones Reply

    Using Samsung Galaxy S3 — Android app. Just downloaded it. Trying to log in doesn’t work. I give username, password and last name and it says JUST A MOMENT…Logging in… and hangs at that point. I tried several things, reboot, airplane mode off/on, but still can’t log in. I can go in as a guest. Version says 4.2.1

  23. I hate offline mode. Tech support says it is affected by the power saving mode that is on the phone.Really? I have to take my phone out of this totally to get the app to work?

  24. I just googled this issue and read all of these. The, I thought about I sometimes have conflicts with WIFI and data on at the same time. I shut off wifi and it connected instantly. I wonder if it has something to do with being on wifi with no data, leaving that wifi or shutting it down while the app is up and it thinking you are offline because it can’t find that again? No idea, all I know is I turned off wifi and it connected right away.

  25. Seems to think it’s offline when WiFi is on, but not connected – EVEN though cell data is working fine and everybody else is happily using it. I guess the logic to determine ‘offline’ status needs work…

  26. May 14, and ‘offline’ mode is still frustrating and stupid. I’ll open the app (not re-open it!) with both wifi and cell data on and … you guessed it “Offline.”

    Before I switched from iPhone to Android, the Delta app worked great. Over a year later, and the android version is still catching up (with flaws).

  27. Crackerjack Reply

    I was getting stuck in offline mode even in the sky club where the internet is strongest. I called Delta and I was told by the delta app folks that the fix is to close the app, go into airplane mode, come out of airplane mode and re-open the app. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

  28. To get out of offline mode, you have to clear the app data. To do this on Androids, you go to the phone settings, apps, fly Delta app, storage, clear data. This will reset the app and get it out of offline mode.

    • @Shannon – While I can not share on the blog yet there is outstanding news on the way very soon about the cursed offline mode issue.

  29. I thought I was the only one. It seems Everytime I go to use the app it starts in offline mode. The constant close the app, reload and pray is frustrating. I’d much rather have a toggle switch to go or offline as needed. Hopefully someone from corporate is reading and listening to this.

    • @Shaun – Can’t share more details yet but good news is on the way in the next week or so!

  30. Jeff Williams Reply

    My fly delta app is currently telling me that I have no internet connection and is in offline mode. Yet, here I am on the internet submitting this comment. Wish I knew how to make it work. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app (with the internet) and still it won’t connect.

  31. I went into my settings, under my Delta app, turn on cellular data and it fixed the problem of the app saying I am offline and cannot use the Delta app.

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