ALERT: When Delta Schedule Change Saturday Hits – Your Seat is at Risk of Change as well!

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green info showing delta has made a schedule change to your flights time to check your seats renespoints blog

These may be the ONLY notice you see from Delta!

If you, on just about any Saturday (or at least most of them), look at your long list of upcoming Delta flights by actually clicking on them you will likely see the above RED warning and the flights may be really messed up or in a complete state of flux. So much so you may not be able to even mess with them. If you wait a few days what will likely happen is you will see the GREEN screen shot above showing Delta has just auto-changed your reservation.

  • Understanding the power of the MIGHTY schedule change rule with Delta Air Lines! <-LINK
  • Delta schedule change Saturday has struck again! Please check all your flights! <-LINK

The above are just a few of the useful links you can find on the blog in the “Essentials” tab under E8. But today I wanted to laser focus in on one point I often mention that can really matter – that is, your SEAT CHOICE!

Delta does a bunch right when it comes to flying but it is HORRID when it comes to letting you know your most cherished seat that you so carefully picked is now gone. In the old days before Delta got mad at Award Wallet you at least got an alert from them that your have moved (cuz again Delta is NEVER going to tell you). There is a workaround but for now some info.

you may not see the aircraft type if they are changing it delta scheule change saturday

Notice the screenshot of one of my upcoming reservations. It shows no seat chosen (I had picked one) but more than that is shows no jet type at all. Why is this and what if I click on my seat choice right now?

popup when you are about to change your seats on delta

you can not choose a seat on delta when they are changing your plane type schedule change saturday renespoints blog final

Ruh roo – No seats? I hate waiting!

What I get is that the airplane seat map can not be displayed and there is nothing I can do at least for now. Why is this happening? For a number of reasons:

  • The aircraft flight number is changing
  • The aircraft type is changes
  • The regional partner is changing
  • The flight is going from mainline to regional or vv
  • The flight is being removed from service
  • And possibly a few more I have missed

The point is that there can be so much going on that is loading into the system that you have to wait for a bit until you can get in and see what Delta has done.

For me today one of my mainline jets changes aircraft type. I was put in the same seat in 1st class I had before but I may not want to have THAT seat on a completely different type of aircraft. But that is a minor issue. The larger issue for most can be that your C+ seat is now not the seat you wanted or worse you now have an aircraft downgrade and are no longer at all in the seat you wanted or even the same class of service i.e. the jet now has no 1st class and you booked 1st class.

seat alert expert flyer

Good, but not perfect fix for issue.

What can you do about this? The free way is you check all your flights and seats each and every Saturday. That is what I have done for years but I am really getting tired of always checking. One possible part way fix is to PAY for Expert Flyer and set a seat alert for YOUR current seat. If you get an alert that it has opened up you have been moved against your will. Again not a perfect fix because the aircraft may change and you are in the same seat or someone else may now be in your old seat so the best choice is still keep clicking each week and let your eyes tell you what has happened.

Bottom line is I so wish Delta would tell us when these types of events happen but it is up to us, each week, to see what Saturday has done to our flights! – René



  1. René thanks for the heads up. In my case no schedule changes (that I could have taken advantage of) but I lost a total of three seats on two different flights. I assume it’s the result of equipment changes. I’ll have to continue to check back to see when the affected seating charts reopen.

  2. I had this happen and they actually told me that it had been my seat all along. I showed them the printout but it was too late as my original seat was now occupied (and by Somebody Important*) The way they reacted to my pressing the matter was pretty telling. @DeltaAssist & the BOI folks tried their best but…. on the other hand…

    They changed planes DCA-MSP a few years ago and almost everyone had to get new boarding passes. Two idiots in the long line started yelling & cursing the gate agents, demanding that they not give away their upgrades. Some people started mocking them & I chimed in… pretty funny and… somehow I ended up with an upgrade and the 2 idiots? Middle seats. Purely by chance, according to the gate agents hahahahaha

    * possibly the g/f of the VIP. 🙂

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