Rookie Wednesday: All the things you should remind yourself to do in “points world” to not miss out!

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

uber bonus spg stay email

The other day in my recap of my group Delta elite mileage run I covered a number of mistakes I made. It all worked out but the thing is when there is just so much to keep track of in the points “game” sometimes you can let things slip through the cracks. Like what you ask? Let’s look at a few.

Notice the alert I got after my SPG stay this year? Oh yeah, you need a stay each year for bonus UBER points. I had forgotten all about that. Honestly I have a hard time keeping up with all kinds of hotel promos that need registration each year or many times a year like:

  • This IHG member offers link should take you to the page where you can register for the quarterly Accelerate offers. You may not like the offer but sign up anyway and for other offers you may see.
  • Likewise, SPG has a page for their current promo link that you may or may not be eligible for but it is worth clicking to see before you stay at one of their hotels.
  • Marriott has simply a VERY long list of specials per property link you can look through. I am not a Marriott fan but know they offer promo codes and such.
  • Hilton has a promos page link worth looking at to see if any of their current promotions can help you earn more points or discounts etc.

I think you get the point that if you Google whatever hotel chain you stay at and then points promotion or bonus points or something like that you will find a link like this. When you do, save it and visit it now and then before your hotel stays!

chase freedom q offers

chase freedom q offers reminder

Another one is the rotating quarterly Chase Freedom offers. There are so many ways to get net 4x points after fees for buying VDGCs from one of the listed locations and a great reason to hold the Chase Freedom card (be alert to 5/24 rule). Same goes for Discover card 5x offers. It takes only seconds to register and they even have a button at Chase to send you a text to remind you. Then you have to remind yourself to go buy stuff to get the bonus before it ends (that can be harder).


Here is another one for us Delta flyers. We all should know that our yearly elite “HOOU” or Have One on Us coupons are now digital only. That means we must access them inside the Fly Delta App or print them. They do expire each year. When I realized I had a few left I gave them all to an FA and said drinks are on me. I made a number of folks very happy it seems that day! 😉

delta refund email

Another one is to make sure if you canceled a trip that you got not just your points back but your MONEY back. There can be times that Delta IT no workeee so well and only gives you one or the other back. I would check to make sure BOTH were returned on each cancellation.

terms and conditions from delta bump voucher

Do you have any bump or other vouchers in MY WALLET in your MY DELTA account. You know they have to be booked before they expire but you have a year more beyond that date to fly it so the important part is not to let it expire. Worth peeking at what you have in your account on

error on delta-com trying to spend my delta amex bogof cert

The last one for today is your AMEX BOGO or Buy One Get One free certs (see Essentials E22). They come year two when you hold the Delta Platinum or Reserve cards but unlike a bump voucher you have to book AND fly them during the year they are valid. So many wait to use them until they are about to expire and then it is too late to book something. Just keep this in mind. I tend to use mine for myself or a friend each year. Simple and works!

Any other simple reminders you give yourself each year to make sure you don’t miss out on a single point or offer you are given? Let us know in the comments below. – René


  1. Note too that BOGOF coupons can be very hard to use, so I hardly ever do. Most recently, in 2016, I tried to purchase two first-class tickets between LAX and BOS. There was no availability within a week of desired travel, even though first class cabins were nearly empty. (This was more than a month prior to travel). The agent checked Hartford and Providence as alternatives, and both nonstop and connecting flights — still nothing. Maybe they’re easier to use for coach, but I’ve never had luck with premium cabins.

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