SWAG Saturday: Last Delta 747 PLUS 3x by 3 Gogo Pass winners this week!

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SWAG giveaway RenesPoints blog (1)

Last one. One more Metal Die Cast Delta 747-400 from Gogo to give away. But also this final week I will have 3 runner up winners who will EACH get 3 one time domestic use Gogo passes.

SWAG giveaway RenesPoints blog (2)

Gotta love FREE Gogo time!

The winner this final round gets a 1:400 scale Delta jet like you see above and 3 one-time Gogo passes (good till the end of September this year). Each of the 3 runners up will get 3 one-time Gogo passes as a consolation prize via e-mail!

The rules to play along this week are this. You can enter ONCE PER DAY by leaving any kind of comment on this post below, as I will be selecting the winner NEXT WEEK Sunday the 26th of March around 5PM ET. I will be using Random.org to pick the winners and you have one week to get back to me or I will choose a runner up winner.

Have fun! – René

UPDATE: We have our winners, no more comments, I will contact the winners Monday!

winners swag all 4


  1. Would love the opportunity to try out Gogo for free and my grandson would love the Delta die-cast! Thanks!

  2. I’ve learned so much by reading Rene’s Points blog. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you at FTU in Seattle.

  3. May never have a chance to fly on a 747, sadly, but at least have a chance to win one 🙂 Sweet!

  4. that would look nice in my office and give me something to focus on while day dreaming about my next trip.

  5. Good morning Rene, Here’s my entry. Too cheap to pay for logo; maybe this will do it.

  6. whenever i am unsure about which card to use where or if i should cancel or rethink something i end on this site and ponder away. thank you.

  7. Hope you’re going to have the opportunity to keep doing SWAG Saturday! Your fans have missed it.

  8. Keep up the good work. More mileage runs, please!!! and I think i go this one!!! haha!

  9. I road across the pacific in the Jump Seat, I was 12. This were the good old days of flying

  10. My DL flight SEA to BOS yesterday had a 5 hr mechanical delay. Still like DL.

  11. Welcome back Swag Saturdays! Always fun entering for a chance to win some swag, but to be picked for a die cast 747 giveaway…color me hopeful 🙂

  12. Delta had a Porche awaiting me again yesterday! Bet it’s because I’ve never won any swag from Renee.

  13. Odd, when I booked a flight my companion and I were seated next to each other. Now we are on opposite ends of the plane and every seat shows booked (which I believe, since that flight is often full). But same flight, same A/C, which were we separated? Delta sure is strange sometimes.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Mondays: one of several ways to spend 1/7th of your life… This and other philosophical thoughts could be explored mid-flight using Gogo’s service for fun rather than work 🙂

  15. My next flight is on a CRJ200. Oh well, good thing Gogo passes are good for a few months!

  16. A die cast 747 or Gogo passes…remember the days when airlines gave you a free deck of cards for IFE?

  17. Back in NYC after a weekend getaway. Delta running great today. Maybe I’ll win something.

  18. Not getting enough MQMs but your swag helps lessen the sting! Thank you for continuing to thing of your readers.

  19. Another that has never flown on a 747. Still time, I guess, if I can figure how to work it into a MR 🙂

  20. Lovely bird you have there. What’s the registration # of the 747, out of curiosity?

  21. I am sure it will be me!! Is your wife going to do mileage runs with you to achieve Diamond??

  22. Hi. Thanks for the swag! Do you know a way to connect with other MSP based mileage runners?

  23. @Diane, I second that idea…Rene, Gogo and 747 aside (not forgotten, cool give aways both!), any runs from up here in your future…preferably before DL goes through their aircraft downsizing?

  24. DL flights out ofBGM suspended for a month while runway gets repaired. Now THAT is a small airport!

  25. Wondering if some sort of WiFi (e.g. messages) will ever be free at DL like it is at AS or B6?

  26. Maybe encroaching on a certain confection’s slogan in saying this, but we all seem to be going gaga for a chance at winning some Gogo! …or the 747! It’s all good 🙂

  27. Leaving for Venice tomorrow but I’ll be sure to enter one last time before I go! Thanks Rene!!

  28. Woohoo!! Off to Florence/Venice today! Hope to win gogo passes and die cast too!! ❤✈️@Delta ❤Swag @RenesPoints. Thanks again! Ciao!!

  29. As this swag week comes to a close I’d like to thank René and also everyone for their fun comments.

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