With time running out – My wife went for just ONE travel card with instant approval! Can you guess which one?

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lisa gets spg personal card approved

Instant approval for SPG card – YEAH!

Going for travel cards in today’s environment takes careful planning. After all, as of right now, AMEX allows a new card bonus only ONCE in your lifetime. Now that is to say you only get the bonus if AMEX “says you have never ever had the card before” so it is always wise to check (we did and confirmed this for my wife). Beyond that, due to this once in a lifetime rule, a new card from AMEX should only be obtained if either the bonus is the highest ever or if you have a real need for the points. We had both right now:

This really is the best offer I have ever seen from the SPG card plus we just don’t know what will happen to this card moving forward with Chase being the long term bank with Marriott that has purchased the Starwood brand. Time to lock in now with this offer as it could possibly go away and then we really could never get the bonus ever again!

My wife already HOLDS the business SPG card but that in no way impacts her ability to get the personal card. In fact, that card is the one she will hold long term (if she can) because we tend to stay at Sheraton hotels many times throughout the year and that business SPG card gets us club access no matter what elite status she holds with SPG (a very nice perk).

Also I mentioned we need the points. I, right now, have plenty of SPG points but am really hoping and planning for another SPG PGA moments event to pop up in a few weeks and will burn a bunch of points for this event and I don’t like being low on SPG points. My wife can send me in 1000 increments lots of SPG points from her account and I very much like this perk too.

Another no brainer reason for choosing this card NOW before the limited time bonus ends is the fact that SPG points transfer 3:1 over to Marriott. While I’m not a huge fan of Marriott, they have hotels just everywhere on the planet and cheap. I freely admit I have stayed at more Marriotts since the SPG buyout just because they are a great value at a number of locations. Value I respect when I travel and I am generally not a luxury kind of hotel guy.

Lastly, she went for only one card, because we are now going to wait for a really LONG-ish time before she goes for another AMEX card. In case you missed it my wife is going for Delta Diamond Medallion status in 2018. She will be starting the year at ZERO MQMs or elite points and we plan to have her at 125,000 on or around the 1st of March 2018 (yes, in about two-ish months). It will include a bunch of flying (30k booked already) but it will also include a lot of work on Delta AMEX Reserve cards she has never had. With just one Reserve card, and $60,000 in spend, she will have 40,000 MQMs (10K+15k+15) and importantly be MQD exempt. I will also send her my MQMs from my spend adding 30k more to her totals. Either way we want her to get an instant approval after 1JAN18 and thus no more AMEX for a while after this SPG card.

I hope you see my point I started with, that is with the AMEX 1x in a “lifetime” rule you really need to think before you click. Is the bonus HUGE? Do you need the card? What are your future plans? Will you be able to get the bonus ever again? All of these matter to us and they should to you too! – René



  1. Also for those interested in Starwood elite status which includes Marriott and Ritz Carlton status, each SPG card bestows credit for 2 stays and 5 nights. That is very helpful.

  2. Over 365 days ago, I was an AU on a family member’s Amex SPG Biz cc. Prior to that, I had my own SPG Biz card a number of times and closed them over 365 days ago. I followed your link above for the Biz card, but it clearly states in the Offer Terms for the Biz card: “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.” Yet, if I understand correctly, you’re saying that’s not accurate, and that Amex will approved SPG Biz apps for prior applicants as long as they closed the card more than 365 days ago?

  3. René,

    Also, the SPG card is a good deal even if you stay at Marriots. As you get 1 point for regular purchases and 2 at any Marriott Rewards/SPG stay per dollar spent, you can then convert them to Marriott Points at a 3 to 1 ratio. That would give you 6 Marriott points for ever dollar you spend on the SPG card at a Marriott property…..

  4. @Rick – All AMEX cards, personal or business, are now officially 1x per lifetime. However, the lifetime may not be your lifetime (we really don’t 100% know for sure) so if AMEX says you have not had it before they you CAN the bonus even if you may have had it in the past long ago. The wait a year and apply again is the OLD rule and no longer valid.

  5. having such a hard time with delta amex( debiting our accounts) vs presenting the check not sure i can keep them!!!
    did not see any MQM’s in the spg deal??

  6. @dotti – No the SPG card does not help you with MQMs at all. But I still highly value their points for so much more.

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