Do you know the “inside” difference between the metal Chase Sapphire and Reserve cards? Take a look (and how to destroy them)!

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the metal inside a chase sapphire reserve card with a hole renespoints blog

Inside my CSR card!

I had my Chase Sapphire Reserve card compromised a little while back and Chase shut down that number and sent me a new card. Normally they include a little mailer to send the old one back because they, like many high end cards to show off, are made of metal now. Thus if you try to put it into your paper shredder it may be the last thing that ever passes through the device.


However, there is another way to destroy them and I tested that with my old Chase Sapphire Preferred card that was also compromised a while back (see a theme here anyone)? But there is a subtle difference between that old card and the new Reserve card.

No not the metal as it seems the same but notice anything from the photo at the top of the post? Yep, a hole where the chip goes.

I have no idea why they have changed to this “holey” card, other than the fact that maybe some card readers were either being damaged by or damaging the units themselves by the raised chip and this way it can be more flat (again, just a guess).

Anyway, I just thought after all the hype around the new Chase Sapphire Reserve and the fact that they ran out of metal to make them for a while that it would be fun to see what it looks like on the inside! – René

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  1. I literally had my Chase Sapphire Preferred for 10 days before it was compromised and than the replacement was compromised 2 days after I got it, third time was a charm

  2. Setting it on fire and releasing whatever toxins (small, but real) from the plastic seems like a poor idea.

    Just use the mailer next time 🙂

  3. @Rene, I understand and appreciate your effort.

    Just recommending that others just ask Chase for a replacement mailer. They would be happy to send.

  4. Do you know how your cards got compromised? Was there a particular online vendor that you suspect? Sorry your situation seems really alarming and I am curious about the details to make sure I don’t make any avoidable mistakes.

  5. @Ryan – No idea. IMO Chase is full of holes and one of the worst when it comes to security. Don’t trust them at all.

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