Vote for 2017 Freddie Awards, Delta smacks United #LeggingsGate, Chicago Seminars & more!

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spg wants votes for freddie awards

SPG wants your vote for Freddie’s  2017

It is your final chance (soon) to vote for this year’s Freddie Awards. It you have not noticed, many top airlines and hotel chains worldwide (including Delta Skyteam partner KLM) are asking you to vote and to vote for them. Notably absent is Delta. Why? Well other than the fact that they have zero chance of winning (again) let alone to be nominated under most categories is the truth that they don’t want to win. SkyMiles was once an amazing hidden gem in the frequent flyer world and I enjoyed showing how foolish folks were for not understanding this. Now, well, we know SkyMiles are all but dead compared to almost all or any other travel currency. It’s sad really when you think about it.

delta leggingsgate tweet renespoints blog

Hey United – SMACK – How you like that?

Next up is #LeggingsGate. I am not about to dive into the right or wrong of this as it has been talked to DEATH over and over in ALL the blogs it seems as well as the national media. But what I have to chime in on is the above tweet by Delta that has been liked, as of this post, over 85,000 times! It is rare you see one airline so openly jumping on and attacking another airline’s failure like this. Oh and the tweet – I am sure Delta was not talking about Comfort+ as there is absolutely nothing at all comfortable about C+ no matter what you are wearing! 😉

chicago-seminars-at-holiday-inn-elk-grove IL

It’s BACK – On sale Friday!

This Friday registration will open up for this year’s Chicago Seminars. I will be both attending and speaking as I have almost from the start of this unique and friendly frequent flyer event. There will be some new things this year and if you are planning on going I would suggest NOT arriving late Friday i.e. get there midday. Or, if you can, arrive Thursday as I am planning on some kind of reader fun day in Chicago and dinner somewhere (not sure where yet). While this event is geared toward the new-ish person to the frequent flyer world, I will be sharing some advanced stuff on Saturday and Sunday during my parts!

delta ceo at atlanta b sky club grand opening renespoints blog

Will the Delta CEO need to visit AUS soon?

Lastly today it seems there is a new lounge and it could be a Delta Sky Club on the way to AUS or Austin Texas. I love to visit the capital of this great state (no, it is not Dallas no matter what they tell you when you visit) and the BBQ is some of the best in the world. But the only club choices in this rather frequently Delta served airport is an AA or UA club WAAYYYYYY at the other end of the airport. A Delta Sky Club or another type of “THE CLUB at AUS” would just be sweet. I have a friend digging for info and will be sure to update you if I find out more information. #Developing.

Happy Tuesday everyone and hope all your upgrades clear and every bumpertunity is paying you $1,000 Delta dollars today! – René

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  1. Why is the Leggings thing so upsetting to people. Regular pax are not affected by the rule. It is just non-rev’s. I am sure Delta has dress code for their non-revs as well.

  2. still, the first blurb I read about this didn’t mention they were non-rev, which makes a huge difference. I’m no fan of UAL but that was unfair to them.

  3. On every flight today I’m looking for leggings. It’s as if I bought a VW Beetle yesterday and now I’m looking for others. I hate this. It’s a song stuck in my head.

    But any airline gives me a non-rev seat I’ll wear ANYTHING they ask me to. Z Cavaricci’s. Gorilla outfit. MC Hammer pants. Well, maybe not not my Birthday suit. Nope. No can do. It doesn’t fit me any more.

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