NOT happy with Delta compensation or CEO apology from April meltdown? Here is how to get more for all you had to endure.

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i am sorry letter from ed bastian renespoints blog

Delta CEO – I am sorry… but…

Have you ever had someone come up to you and say: “I am sorry… but…” In other words they are not sorry. Because with the “but” they are telling you it is not really their fault at all. There clearly is someone else to blame like YOU or someone else but I will still try to make you feel better about this by saying:

I am sorry…but…. “YOU EXPERIENCED” this for flying with us so your fault. I am sorry… but… “WEATHER” was the problem so it really is not our fault. I am sorry… but… “LACK OF AVAILABILITY SEATS” and it is again your fault for flying our airline during spring break week and please don’t bring up the fact we could not put you on another airline that had open seats. I am sorry… but… “INABILITY OF OUR CREW-TRACKING SYSTEMS” to work so it is IT’s fault that other Delta people could not do their jobs (yeah, Delta IT folks we are throwing under the bus so their fault).

I don’t know about you but I could see the above non-apology apology letter going viral on twitter!

Also, lest we all forget, just one week ago today Delta, without telling anyone, made one of the most crushing changes to SkyMiles they have ever done! They did this while you Delta flyers were “experiencing” canceled flight after canceled flight and even days of being stuck at Delta HUB airports. I really feel for all of you who were stuck in the mess and for all of us who got a sharp kick in the backside by the Delta SkyMiles team.

20000 skymiles for april 2017 weather issues delta air lines

Wahoo? No, not really.

Well over the past few days Delta has been quietly dumping SkyMiles into most elite’s accounts who were flying 3rd-9th this month. These two screen shots are some examples of the “SkyMiles Member Appreciation Bonus” you are likely to get or already have in your account now if you log in and check.

delta-com-showing-20k-points-renespoints-blog final

Appreciation Miles? Humm…

But what if you are not an elite or a frequent flyer and did not get any points? What then? Is there a way for you also to get some points from your pain from this past week’s issues? Yes.

Welcome to [Delta] Customer Care <-LINK

The above is a link that is still active from the last meltdown and should work well if you did NOT get anything from the mothership for all your “pain and suffering” you had to endure due to the perfectly working, just sluggish, Delta IT system for flight crews. If you were with someone who does not have a SkyMiles account sign up for one HERE and then fill out the compensation link above to start with.

delta customer care link on delta-com

But let’s take this a step further. Now I know you likely did not end up with lost teeth or a concussion like some other airline’s paying customers did, but you may have missed out on the vacation of a lifetime thanks to Delta or a special family event or something much more important. What then and what if you feel 20,000 SkyMiles (that were massively devalued during the event) is just not enough. What should you do?

Keep in mind during the 1st Delta meltdown most got both 20k + $200 travel voucher. I would think, considering that this last disaster was even worse than the previous ones, they should at least match what they did before. However, considering that Delta in the middle of the crisis made SkyMiles worth even less than before the disaster they should have given 40,000 SkyMiles at least to everyone affected. Flyer talkers are reporting that by simply calling some are getting 20k+$200 like last time (or the time before that – it is hard to keep track). I would ask for much more!

But first please do something quick and simple and check what credit card you paid for your ticket with even if it was an award. If you paid any amount with any travel card you may have used, it could include some kind of travel insurance you did not know about. A simple phone call will tell you if you can get anything from them.

Next, if I were impacted by this, I would be mailing in copies of all my receipts for all the costs I incurred. If they say no then there happens to be a social media and news person who spends his life helping those impacted by those like Delta who are trying to skirt responsibly for what happened. I would reach out or start by a letter to the CEO direct. This would include anything including flights, hotels, car rental, meals, UBER rides or whatever it took during your time impacted by the mostly Delta caused nightmare you experienced.

Personally I am shocked Delta has not decided to do much more to make things right for this 3rd and latest service meltdown. I am also stunned they keep blaming weather, or you the passenger, when it is clear that Delta was at fault and they should make this right for you! What a month for the airlines. – René





  1. Rene,
    I was impacted 4/3 and Delta told me that I am NOT due any compensation for arriving 17+ hours late into LAS for a ” Revenue” meeting. Crew time out/ scheduling of Flight Attendants were not there problem because of weather. 17+ hours late and thousands in lost revenue and a little less in profit.

  2. Husband got a $100 voucher for 17+ hours of flying 4/3/17 to Columbia, SC, original destination Dallas, and back home. Never even made his 3 day meeting. Husband was surprised he even got that offer given that it was weather related except his comment was, “delta knew darn good and well that our plane was not going to land in Atlanta before it ever took off from SDF. My day would have been much more productive going back to work on Monday morning instead of working from the Columbia airport all day and night.” (And, he was more than ticked that he missed most of the NCAA championship game . . .). Rene, what is reasonable to request in that circumstance, especially given that others had even more disruption than he did? Also, his company covered his expenses so travel insurance/delta reimbursement is double dipping so no need to ask for that.

  3. Delta gave me 20,000 skyPesos a few months back for cancelling my paid first class trip to Tulsa fro a mechanical that the crew was aware of but somehow the info never made it to dispatch. The cancellation cost me over $1,000 in non-refundable cost for hotel, conference room, etc.

    Whatever. My point is that 20,000 SkyPesos are worth virtually nothing. I tried to use them for a flight to NY a few weeks later. I could either use my 20,000 SkyPesos +$5.60 for a flight on a crappy E-145 or buy a ticket on jetBlue for $45 on a real jet. Same date, same time, same city pair. I had several interactions with Delta over this and their bottom line was ¨you are only a Platinum and these things happen so be happy you got anything at all.¨ Needless to say, I only fly Delta when they are the best price, best schedule and best route. This rarely includes Delta given high prices and ATL connections. Free agent forever! Good luck with those bonus SkyPesos y ‘all!

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Life’s not fair. I didn’t have a single flight during the latest melt down. I got nothing. Bummer.

  5. my hubby got 20,000 miles for waiting 18 hours and 4 standbys to get home????? not nice

  6. Just got an email confirming Delta will reimburse me for hotel and food on top of 20k SkyMiles they have already deposited into my account. Hotel and food was about $245. My original flight was canceled and then next day flight was delayed about 2 hours. Made it home about 32 hours late. I’m a platinum member maybe that helped with getting reimbursed. It took about two weeks for Delta to respond to my Compensation form.

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