Would you buy this Kickstarter travel sleep mask? I went for two to round out my perfect travel kit!

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kickstarter eye mask

I just had to try this one!

We all have our favorite travel “stuff” we can not get in the air without having. Most of my stuff, as John Mayer points out, “everything I think I need always comes with batteries” (but really that is OK with me)!

For example, I always fly with the following:

And a few other goodies but the rest normally don’t need to be powered up to make them work. I try to avoid red-eyes at this stage in my life but when I do I must have ear plugs. I just don’t sleep without them. Next I need a good neck pillow that can breath (I hate hot around my neck) and I own one just like this one. But what about light?

I have for years used the throwaway ones from Delta One kits but the problem is they do let in a ton of light and they often just stink of cheap and chemicals – yuck. You know what I mean right. And then I saw the Kickstarter ad at the top of this post.

This thing looks too sweet and they are going to make them and for the price I have put in the funds to get two when they start making them one for me and one for my wife. I can’t wait. This should complete the one thing I am missing in my “perfect” travel kit.

What do you think about this sleep mask? Like the idea or are you happy with none at all or the ones we can harvest from a travel kit? – René





  1. I love
    Mary Green, from Canada, silk whimsical eye masks though,
    I generally do not use them for sleeping on A plane. I can sleep dark or light/ day or night!
    My weakness is whimsical or tech, diminutive. Carry-on luggage with functionality a must
    Lojel makes a good product which fulfills my requirements

  2. For international travel, I have found that light manipulation prevents me getting jet lag. I have used a book, How to Beat Jet Lag, for 25 years with tremendous success. You look up your origin and destination cities, it tells you the time zone difference and direction (E or W), and under that section of the book, it tells you at what times to be light (turn on your seat light) or dark (wear eye shades or sunglasses). The process gradually adjusts your internal body clock 3-4 hours per day, to prevent the horrible upside-down symptoms of jet lag. At least for me. So the relationship to the eye mask? Most of the time on the planes to Europe or Asia, you should be in “light” mode, not “dark” mode. It’s the light/dark shift, not the sleepability that works for me. I can be “dark” while wearing sunglasses and watching a movie.

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