Reminder: Divorce is NASTY – today is the last day to book Delta awards with Alaska points!

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alaska and delta divorce is final tomorrow

Oh Alaska. You are such a nice airline. You have an amazing frequent flyer program but we all also know you hate Delta. That is OK because Delta has hated you for a very long time now so I get the divorce that is on the way tomorrow.

But until the end of the day TODAY you can still book Delta awards using your Alaska points (should you want to). Well I did want to for a few specific flights.

alaska award renespoints upgrade requeted on delta

Notice the ticket code (i.e. not 006)

Now here are the funny things about the divorce and timing. If you booked a KLM or Alaska award in the past flying Delta, before things got nasty (with Alaska that is), once you have your award ticket booked and got your Delta corresponding confirmation number you could simply pull it up and put in your Delta SkyMiles number on and all the perks would just roll in like normal.

Today, well, not so much (i.e. we hate you).

But don’t let that dissuade you. They are able to “fix” things but I would do it today because if you wait the push back may be much worse. Today, officially, the two airlines are still partners.

What you will need to do is this:

1) Call Delta and mention you have booked an award with Alaska points
2) Tell rep you will need a supervisor’s help. They may transfer but unlikely.
3) Tell rep supervisor will have to manually upgrade ticket
4) Do NOT let them split the ticket (if you are two)

Now there is a lot to this that seems simple. First off, yes, 100%, you are able to do this and nothing is blocking you other than the divorce so let Delta people fix this for you. Next, a supervisor may balk and say you have to call Alaska. Don’t buy it, they are not going to help! This is a Delta issue not Alaska (that is blocking as of today already). Next, if a supervisor at Delta balks, mention they may have to re-code it to a revenue ticket to process the C+ upgrade and 1st class upgrade request.

Breaking up is always hard to do but for us as Delta flyers losing out on the ability to redeem Alaska points to fly Delta is sad. Book now or forever hold your peace folks! – René





  1. Rene, is this a SkyTeam breakup or just Delta? In other words can I still book KLM/AirFrance etc… with remaining Alaska miles?

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