René April Newsletter – Are you ready for Summer travel?

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What a crazy and insane month. Would have never thought we would see what we have seen happen live on video. Not just that, we had a massive Delta meltdown and a crushing devaluation of SkyMiles (yet again) in the middle of it all. For me I am mostly just happy April is over and we can start to look toward the summer and see what that brings. Did you miss any of this? Take a look and time to catch up:

➥ I flew American Air and I liked it and would do it again – (NOT an April Fools post btw)!

➥ ALERT: Check your Delta CRJ200 seats after “April Fools Day” C+ upgrade changes!

➥ Registration now LIVE for 2017 Chicago Seminars October 20 – 22! Should you go?

➥ Workarounds for some of Delta’s most irritating rules!

➥ Just what is: “SkyMiles Credit Card Rewards” on Delta .com? We have the hidden bits!

➥ Delta NOW allowing AMEX BOGO, Cash & Miles & more for Medallion upgrades! #KeepClimbing!

➥ I got tired of waiting for Delta to fix IT issues & burned my final 2018 Diamond Choice Benefit!

➥ UPDATE: 8 Months after launch Delta Diamond Medallion “Guest Pass” Choice Benefit & Sky Club “downgrade” will be available to all.

➥ BREAKING: Another NO NOTICE Delta SkyMiles award devaluation (with partners this time) #KeepDescending!

➥ This may be Delta Air Lines “Worst Week EVER” and it is far from over – #KeepDescending!

➥ Delta nightmare week just keeps going. 100+ cancellations today & more on the way!

➥ As Delta begins to return to normal today – PLEASE – be nice to Delta people! Direct your frustration at the “right” sources.

➥ What I did during the Delta “meltdown” week? I booked almost 50,000 miles of flying Skyteam!

➥ Delta MQD exempt via paying your TAXES? Yes – for less than you may realize!

➥ Why the United “bump” incident would never happen on a Delta Air Lines flight – EVER!

➥ Understanding why Delta’s recent SkyMiles devaluations are SO crushing!

➥ As a Delta frequent flyer, what piqued my interest in the $DAL Q1-17 earnings call?

➥ Why this is the best time EVER to spend “other” points flying Delta (and earning points and status along the way)!

➥ NOT happy with Delta compensation or CEO apology from April meltdown? Here is how to get more for all you had to endure.

➥ Why the new $10,000 Delta bump vouchers are “mostly” a PR stunt & likely will never happen.

More Delta 737s, Last night in Sweden update, Robbed via Mobile payments on street & much more!

➥ Is the decision to operate so many Boeing 737-900ERs impacting your choice to fly Delta? #PaxEx is low.

➥ What do you most want to fly: The LAST Delta B747 or the 1st A350 with Delta One Suites?

➥ PSA – Why you should NEVER call to apply for a travel / credit card!

➥ Would you buy this Kickstarter travel sleep mask? I went for two to round out my perfect travel kit!

➥ Should there be laws to protect Delta flyers? If so, what laws would you want? Is it time for these?

➥ Lots of key Delta dates to be aware of for the rest of 2017!

➥ What is wrong with people? We have reached a tipping point with viral American Airlines video!

➥ The things I wish Delta would restore / bring back that they once had!

➥ 5 Delta things to know to start your week for the last Monday in April of 2017!

I’m floating back into cruising & reaching NCL Platinum status ASAP. Here are my H2O plans!

➥ At last – Delta in limited testing of pre-ordering 1st class / Delta One meals!

➥ Reminder – Why it is always SMART to fly with REAL Delta frequent flyer cards (including Sky Club).

➥ New Ugly Delta Headphones? Removed for Delta taxi lav visit! NYC Delta Helicopter rides. SXM press review.

➥ United copies Delta (again), Alitalia loan from Rome, No headscarves for SAS FAs, Delta One DCA review & more.

➥ Let’s talk about Delta “#PeeGate”. Who was most at fault? Plus, what about passenger rights?

➥ Delta continues 5 year losing streak at the Prestigious Freddie Awards! Time for a change?

➥ A follow-up to Rookie Wednesday post – Always have your REAL cards when you fly Delta! Just what is encoded on your travel cards?

WoW right? So, what was the most impressive or shocking story for this month? You tell me, and anything else on your travel and points mind today! – René


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