2 Free Top Shelf a.k.a. Premium Drinks in Delta Sky Clubs May 1-14 via #DeltaAmexPerks

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The on again, off again, 2 free top shelf drinks promotion is live if you have any of the 3 personal or business Delta co-branded AMEX cards i.e. Gold, Platinum or Reserve. Here are the bits to know:

  • 2 per visit per club. Visit other clubs same airport get it again (just have to flash card)
  • Some drinks are excluded (think Dom Perignon)
  • Some Sky Clubs do not have “luxury bars” i.e. no bar tender and are not eligible

This is a nice promo since many of the stock house drinks Delta offers are “meh” at best and now when you visit the club you can enjoy a much better adult beverage through the 14th! – Rene





  1. Rene:
    Who sent this too you? AmEx or Delta? I’ve have a Reserve AmEx and Platinum Delta but never received these offers.

  2. I just checked into SEA skyClub and the bartender asked if I had the card.. I had not gotten any notice. Great perk. I logged onto your site to see if you had it posted. You think Amex or delta would have sent a note . Still, no complaint here.

  3. However Rene, doesn’t it require one to have a Twitter account?
    Don’t believe it has any other method of distribution or notification..

  4. You do NOT need to have any social media account to redeem the reward. Maybe the announcement was on twitter and that is why I did not get it? In the SkyClub they have laminated signs on the bar and, the bartenders asked each person who ordered a drink if they happen to have a delta/amex card – excellent promo of the product.

  5. I got an email notification about this promo on 5/1, for those wondering about notification

  6. Lisa, who sent the e-mail Delta or Amex?
    Just wondering if it was sent only to those that have a SkyClub membership?

  7. Figures. I have a flight from San Francisco – Entebbe Uganda on May 15th 🙁

  8. Figures. I have a flight from San Francisco – Entebbe Uganda on May 15th. I could have used an extra-premium drink prior to that 21 hour trip 🙁

  9. @Sam – Delta sent the email. I do have a SC membership in addition to the card.

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