No, you are not the only one getting strange bonus Delta MQMs (& maybe elite level issues)!

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From user DL-Don on FlyerTalk

I have no idea what is going on. Some may say this is a stupid post to put up but there is already a 5 page thread on FlyerTalk and Delta monitors that mega board so don’t for a minute think they don’t know about this bug / issue / whatever it is.

If nothing has happened to you – ignore this post and come back tomorrow.

However, if you have not checked, you may have:

  • 10,000 or 15,000 (or 2x that) bonus MQMs from yesterday or today
  • You may now be a higher Medallion level
  • You may have had your rollover MQMs changed
  • Something else MQM related

The bottom line is I have a query in to Delta SkyMiles folks but don’t expect a response for a while. So now the hard stuff during this “who knows” time period until we get word:

Will I get to keep the MQMs? Maybe. My guess is Delta will suck them back. Time will tell.

I am now PM or DM all of a sudden. Can I get Choice Benefits? I am sure it will work but they may get sucked back.

I am now DM can I get free CLEAR? Yes, but again, they may suck it back, but maybe not.

I lost my rollover MQMs, can I get them back? My guess is if you did not want the MQMs they will remove them for you if you ask and restore your rollover MQMs.

I am now Million Miler due to this, can I claim my gift? Again, like all these above, yes but they may suck the points back.

I could go on and on all day long with this. My guess is Delta will fix this bug and suck the points back this coming week as well as any bits you now can claim due to higher status etc. So I would not choose them. However, if Delta lets them stand as a gift due to the IT bug then congrats and enjoy and I wish I had got the bonus some of you have. – Rene


PS – I will update this post if I get any word from Delta about what is going on.


Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. I received 60k that put me to DM for 2018. I took a screen shot and plan on documenting my free gift. I even called the DM line and they assured me it was a gift. So if DL plans on playing some game and taking them back there will be issues and complaints filled.

  2. Here was I hoping I had forgotten to allocate one of my Delta Reserve 15K MQM bonuses and they just automatically assigned them May 1st. They show as Dec 31st. I’ll make Diamond anyway later this year so I don’t need to rush my choice awards.

  3. I suspect that something else might be going on.

    I flew from San Francisco to Sofia, Bulgaria and back in April. I was on AF for the outbound and KML for the return. The AF MQMs posted to my account quickly, and the trip was included in the SM activity log. However, then then trip disappeared from the log even though the MQMs remained. After I returned on KLM, the KLM MQMs never posted, so I called Delta. Within a few days I was credited the KLM MQMs AND the AF MQMs. However, the trip is still missing from the SM activity log. Also, I took a trip on Alitalia in April (ticketed by Delta) and the trip never posted. However, the trip was added to my activity log and the MQMs posted once I gave the ticket number to the Delta agent.

    I also noticed extra MQMs were posted to my account today. It appears that my 2017 rollover was increased by about 12K.

    Maybe this is all just coincidence, but I suspect that Delta is having some type of database/IT issue relating to the tracking of MQMs. It will be interesting to see how they unwind this.

  4. I’m going to go ahead and pick my CBs for 2017 and 2018; I’m sure they’ll take them back but if they don’t and I didn’t I’ll be kicking myself for not doing so. I’ve seen on FT where some MQMs are already being clawed back.

  5. Today I got 30K MQMs added to my 2016 roll over. I wonder how long it will take Delta to take them back? Because I record my MQMs miles on a spreadsheet, the error was very easy to spot.
    Taking back MQMs should be easy. Taking back Choice Benefits for those who were given them in error is probably another story. I’m glad I don’t own the problem. Yikes!

  6. One has to wonder at this point, is their IT run by interns??? Surely they could invest in revamping it at this point, i mean its cost them probably in the hundreds of millions in lost revenue already.

    Also, why in the world wont they let you do basic stuff online like apply GUC yet?

  7. I was Silver with aprox 21k MQM rollover from last year before Sunday AM. Woke up Sunday AM as Gold, and today I have NO status nor do I have any of my MQM’s rollover from last year. How can I prove how many MQM’s I had before yesterdays IT screw-ups. This is awful!

  8. any news on what happened?- I am now a Platinum for 2018 although based on MQM I should only be a Gold – Notice I now have a 2018 Platinum choice award available.

  9. @ Rene – just got this back from twitter after almost 2 hours of waiting!

    I have been advised that there was an error that occurred by American Express this past weekend with all accounts that have the Delta Reserve American Express co-branded card. Our SkyMiles account team is aware of this error and they are working on providing a resolution to all member’s that have been affected. Unfortunately, this may not be corrected by your flight this week, we ask that you show your card at the airport to ensure you are still able to enjoy all the benefits of being a Silver Medallion. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused

  10. I’m a diamond and have the Reserve card, no extra MQMs. So it wasn’t everyone.

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