My simple solution for tomorrow’s impending Laptop Ban from Europe!

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my solution to the laptop ban from RenesPoints travel blog

Not a perfect fix, but it will work for now?

I am sure everyone at this point is aware that tomorrow a full laptop ban from Europe to the USA will be announced (update: or not). I am clearly not happy about this as Delta has all their international birds equipped with FAST Gogo service and I get it free thanks to holding my non-Delta AMEX Business Platinum card that includes 10 free passes each year. So is there any kind of workaround?

It sounds like everything but items the size of a cell phone will be banned. However, what should work (since it just takes two AA batteries) is my Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard that is almost a full sized keyboard and very comfortable to type on. If they take it from me my next try would be a much smaller one that is about the same size as my cell phone.

phone sized keyboard with touchpad

If they take my Motorola, I will buy this puppy!

Pair my Motorola keyboard with my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse and I can use the kick stand built into my phone case for my LG V20 phone that has a rather large screen and I can at least get some work done on the flight.

Now I know none of these are an ideal solution as nothing is quite as good as my full laptop but when your back is up against the wall you have to resort to desperate measures and for only a few bucks (and Amazon Prime shipping) you can buy a quick fix for yourself too! – René


  1. I want to know if the airlines will be responsible for theft and damage to laptops forced into checked luggage.

  2. Delta profits will soar now that business travelers will have to check bags containing business laptops. Great if elites or AMEX holders get free bags, but plan on waiting longer at baggage claim. And flying thru Global Entry? So what if you’ve not got to stand around and wait for checked baggage. This sucks. Darn it!

  3. Hopefully, Delta has a contingency in place like Middle Eastern airlines that valet checked your laptop and provided an in-flight replacement for those seated in business-class. That won’t make passengers with elite status seated in economy happy, however.

    I also wonder what happens to the insurance claims. Most laptops or cameras, which I understand could also be banned, wouldn’t be covered by existing lost/stolen luggage insurance policies as well as airline contract of carriage rules.

    Hopefully, the U.S. airlines are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbying the Trump administration to stop this. After all, a laptop with a bomb in the cargo hold is just as bad as a laptop on-board.

  4. Nice idea but pardon me for being dumb but doesn’t the ban include any electronics bigger than a phone? How is the keyboard not bigger than a phone? I’m not saying that they will see it but just saying.

  5. @DaninMCI – I mention that in the post that I will try to push it due to only needing 2AA battery’s to work. If they do confiscate it the other tiny keyboard has build in touch pad (nice) and is about the size of a phone. Either way I will be testing soon and see how it goes and if I have to buy a new tiny keyboard next 😉

  6. There are also things called a pen and paper. One can also print documents to review. Or just chill for eight hours and THINK. A little peace and quiet can work wonders.

  7. @John – Maybe we can talk about wifi calling then? What else is there to do but make cell phone calls now? 🙁

    Oh, oh, how about Facetime with the kids? I love those in the Sky Clubs! 😉

  8. Trank you Donald T! Another senseless idea: from Europe my laptop will be banned, from the US there will be nearly no check (TSA pre). Whats next?
    I hope this Nightmare ends soon.

  9. I’m not sure that they could have picked a bigger annoyance for business travelers. I rarely do anything other than sleep on the trip over, but daytime flights home from Europe to Detroit for me are often very effective work hours.

  10. “After all, a laptop with a bomb in the cargo hold is just as bad as a laptop on-board”

    Actually, no. You can position a bomb in the main cabin right against the side of the aircraft allowing of for maximum damage. A bomb in the cargo hold might be anywhere, up against the side, in the middle of a bunch of shock absorbing bags of dirty clothes, etc.

  11. What is the Samung phones had been checked in the cargo? They would have caught fire without any way to put out the fire. I am sure all of this will take a while to work itself out.

  12. What about a tablet? I know everyone is worried about the work being done. But what about the kids? 8 hour flight is eternity for them:) a tablet is a real saver…

  13. Rene, I’m curious if you have any inclinations as to whether it is likely Delta will do this on Asia flights as well?

    Also when you talk about confiscating a laptop you just mean that they would make you check it at the gate, not that it’s lost forever right?

  14. Rene, it is good that you mentioned the alternative idea of the smaller keyboard, because I don’t think this “only 2 AA batteries” is an argument. It’s electronic …
    Such a ban would not only affect business travelers but leisure travelers as well. On someone else’s blog post about this matter someone commented that one could fly without using a laptop. You could, for example, watch a movie. Yeah, right. You could watch it using the plane’s IFE. But listen? I love my Bose headphones, prior to them I could only use the airline headphones … w/o much fun, didn’t understand much. With my Bose I enjoy watching a movie again.
    However, it is larger than a phone, so not allowed on board if this electronics ban got implemented.
    But indeed funny if it will be only for flights from Europe to the US but not vice versa. In Europe you have to pull all electronics out of your carryon bag at the security checkpoint. All and everything, phones, tablets, toothbrushes, headphones. And not only the devices but also cables, AC adapters, everything.
    In the US? You keep it inside your bag … everything.
    When I travel to the US (only on vacation, as you know) I am always glad when I am past the security checkpoint in Frankfurt. From there on, security checks are easy. Not only because I gotta keep all electronics inside my bag. But usually even the liquids bag. Since the first announcement that TSA PreCheck would be heavily restricted for those not being a member of TSA Pre I consistently get it. Before that? Not once 😉
    After Feb 17, the third announcement, I am aware of? 100% TSA Pre 😉
    But that has nothing to do with your post, so sorry for drifting off …

  15. Hi Rene I like your proactive alternatives offered, instead of generating continued anger. There is far too much anger abounding during something we all like to do. After all, an “av geek” should be more delighted by flying than by Internetting while flying 🙂
    How about noise canceling EAR BUDs with the tiny control to turn on or off that are rechargeable
    I have a set and LOVE them and
    Love their diminutive convenience- no one mentioned those. I actually enjoy watching movies that I have not seen on the big screen!
    Sending good vibes to all !

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