FALSE ALARM (mostly) REG: Delta AMEX card MQM bonus boost earnings (per card)!

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Let me apologize for this post where I stated things have changed for how we can potentially earn MQMs from Delta AMEX cards. We now know things have NOT, again NOT, changed, but then why the new wording them? From the AMEX team I have received the following update that says:

“We have not made any changes to the miles boost offerings of our Delta Sky miles cobrand credit cards. The communication reference [below] was intended to clarify the existing program.” – AMEX team

So let’s break this down and answer the question as to why they even included the updated wording in the May AMEX credit card statement for Delta co-branded Platinum and Reserve (personal and business) card holders.

changes to earn MQMs from Delta AMEX Platinum and Reserve cards max 2 per SkyMiles account

Yes AMEX this was confusing!

First off, as I mentioned in the last post, there have been some who have had a number of the “same” Delta AMEX cards. For example, 3 Delta business Platinum cards. That has, for a very long time, been an official “no-no”. AMEX is now clarifying existing rules and that to me is saying you can only get the boost for 1 card (2x per year i.e. one at each spend level). Those who have a number of the “same” card this clarification gives you the official notice you can be told “no” when you do not get the boost for more than one of the exact same card (even if you used an SSN to apply for one of them and an EIN for the other).

Now the good news for most of us. This means each of us, if we want to and don’t hold other AMEX credit cards, could each get 1x personal Delta AMEX Platinum card, 1x business Delta AMEX Platinum card, 1x personal Delta AMEX Reserve card, 1x business Delta AMEX Reserve card, and meet each of the spend levels (2x spend levels per card 25/50 for Platinum and 30/60k for Reserve) and harvest the bonus MQMs for all 4 of the cards as we have for years and years now.

Again, just outstanding news for those who enjoy bonus MQMs from Delta AMEX card spend. This also reaffirms that both Delta and AMEX both highly value those who spend and spend BIG on the co-branded cards as it can really help you attain higher elite levels as well as, if you spend more than 25k per year, boost your chances for upgrades.

I truly apologize for the confusion as I at first, when my reader tipped me off, I felt this was NOT a real change until I spoke with an AMEX manager who assured me of the change. Clearly this AMEX individual was wrong but to be fair the wording from AMEX card statement was also less than clear.

Time to get back to spending on our Delta AMEX cards and enjoying the yearly bonus MQMs! – Rene


UPDATE: Even the official Delta Corp FlyerTalk reps have now confirmed the above.

update from Delta reg amex card rule statement updates



  1. No need to apologize. You have brought to light a very important issue. Given how both Amex and Delta like to devalue their product with no notice, it is more important than ever to earn the bonus MQM’s as quick as possible BEFORE they change the rules.

  2. When I brought up this issue last week, the thing that concerned me was the exact language used in the notice on the statement. Notably, the description of the card in question. It says “if you have more than one Platinum Card Account linked …” on my business platinum statement, and it it presumably says (I’ll know pretty soon for sure) the same thing on my personal platinum statement.

    Why doesn’t it say “if you have more than one [b]Business[/b] Platinum Card Account linked …” on the statement for the business platinum card? Could be an oversight, but could also be that they intend to really only allow two boosts per card type (Platinum, and Reserve) per year without considering personal and business as separate card types for this purpose.

    I’m still not sure what exactly they mean.

  3. @Rene – There still seems to be some confusion around the verbiage of one set of card bonuses per Skymiles number. For most of us this is the main concern; i.e., can one have a PERSONAL and BUSINESS Delta Reserve tied to the same SM # and receive annual set of bonuses on each.

  4. @FLN – Please re-read post. But yes as you can hold all 4 cards and get bonus for spend (each level) on each all tied to you SkyMiles number.

  5. @Rene – OK! I must confess it’s still a teeny bit “clear as mud” until I see the actual updated AMEX verbiage. Thanks.

  6. OK here’s what I think above info means, you can have as many delta branded, MQM bonus cards, as AMEX will issue you. But you are only going to earn 2 bonus MQMs per card type i.e. Personal and Business Platinum and Personal and Business Reserve for a maximum total of eight MQM bonuses per associated skymiles account. If you have more than one each of these cards assigned to the same skymiles account you are not eligible for a 3rd or more MQM bonus from same card type. Hope that helps.

  7. @DDiamond – Really you can sum it all up simply saying you can hold 1x of all the 4 of the MQM earning cards and earn full bonus for each card for your SkyMiles number!

  8. The duplicates cards are an issue if you have them tied to the same Skymiles account. But what if I have two skymiles accounts with a Business Reserve card tied to each? I have two businesses and each has a single Business card. When applying for the second card I was assigned a new Skymiles account and never combined them. I was planning to just gift myself the MQM’s to my main account. Do you think this will work? Thanks.

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