Is there a bag that really fits under your seat on a Delta CJR200? This roll aboard bag will!

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under seat bag for crj200s that fits renespoints blog review (2)

As I talked about this morning Delta is not removing CRJ200s from the fleet as fast as all of us would like or had hoped for. One Day these horrid torture tubes will be gone but until then we have silly things going on like Delta adding C+ seats to row one that is one of the worst seats on the jet but now comes with “purdy” leather and free drinks on some longer flights. Sigh.

under seat bag for crj200s that fits renespoints blog review (1)

Anyway, crying about CRJ200s is not what this post is about. No, it is about a carry-on roll aboard that is a great choice for those of us who happen to find ourselves on them again, again, again. Take a look at the two photos above. Nice right. Well maybe nice is not the best word – maybe impressive is a better one.

My wife has this year been flying on her own on 2-4 day trips and takes this bag with her each time and really loves this Samsonite “underseater” bag <-LINK. She told me that:

“The bag design features a front flap that opens with a zipper allowing access to everything inside while the bag remains upright. There is an additional panel inside to prevent everything falling out that can be unsnapped to completely open the bag. It came with several additional zippered pouches which I removed, all were either zipped or snapped into place allowing removal for use with ease. With careful planning you could stack your garments inside in order of use, making unpacking somewhat unnecessary except to hang things up if needed. There was room in this bag for me to pack capris, shorts and tops for 3-4 days, bathing suits, sandals and still room for a cosmetics bag as well as curling iron and hair care items. It has smaller pockets on both sides as well as on the front for handy places to stash a phone, boarding passes, etc. when going through security.”

Not bad from a woman’s perspective. To be fair she also has a somewhat large-ish purse as well and between those two she is good to go and will NOT be forced to gate check the bag. This to me is such a big reason to consider this roll aboard to avoid either A) waiting for your gate checked bag or B) having Delta destroy your gate checked bag.

roll aboard bag that will fit on a crj200 from samsonite

I have not yet used this bag but plan to. For me I am mostly happy with my backpack and my laptop bag both of them also fitting neatly under the seat or in the overhead on a CRJ200. But I am intrigued that this bag will fit so well and not impact the limited under seat space of the person next to me (I kinda got in trouble for doing that once).

Anyway, if you, like me and my wife, find yourself often stuck on a CRJ200 then this could be the perfect bag for you! – René




  1. Wait a minute, I hope you mean the seat in front of you, and not under my seat.

    It really irritates me when the person in front of me, actually places their bag directly under their seat, where my feet go, or my bag.

  2. @Byron – Sorry, poorly worded. 100% yes under the seat in front of you NOT NOT NOT under your seat itself. That would be, uh, not good 😉

  3. René, great bag! But you like seat 1A. Me, too. Thankfully it looks as if it will easily fit in the closet. Sweet.

  4. I’ve got this bag; I’ve been in love with it ever since I got it. Though I have to admit, all of those plastic pouches seem pointless to me; it’s not like you can carry liquids loose in your bag these days.

    But this is the perfect size for weekend trips. And for extended trips, combine this with a rollerboard, and you’ll be able to carry just about anything you can think of, without checking a bag.

    (Oh, and I love seat 1A on American Eagle, be it CRJs or Embrauer)

  5. I am thinking of the. Peoria friend who calls the plane “satan’s chariot”
    This bag looks good for many uses —
    Does is wheel and maneuver well give. It’s 2 wheels?
    Thanks for your posts

  6. What i want to know is what will fit in those left overhead bins on the F cabin on CRJs?

  7. my soft Brics fits under the seat in front of me,..but my purse has a hard time fitting int the overhead bin area!!

  8. @rene I meant the other side where there is sliding doors above the single seats 1-4A not the traditional bins!

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