Where will you be on August 21st? Will you be in an “eclipse” zone? (I will be)!

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Photo credit: greatamericaneclipse.com

I have never ever seen a total eclipse of the sun. I have seen a partial one and it was neat and kinda freaky but nothing like what I imagine (and have been told) a total solar eclipse is like. That means, since I don’t live in the path it will take over the USA this year as you can see from GreatAmericanEclipse.com, I will have to travel to a location to experience it myself.

The really hard part was deciding just where to go see this event. I have not spent much time in Nashville and that could be a fun place to check out plus, if I really wanted to, I could just drive there from home (but I hate driving so). And I have been told by a few readers that there are some rather decent BBQ places in the area I really should try. Tempting.

The “oh my gawd” by air Eclipse

Another idea, if either Alaska or some other airline does it, is to try to see the eclipse in the air. While this seems like an “oh my gawd” type of event (at least according to the video) I think it will be better on the ground for my first one.


Photo credit: greatamericaneclipse.com

So in the end the choice was simple and that was Charleston, South Carolina as I would really like some time to explore the city before the stellar event on Monday, August 21st 3 months from today! To put it mildly I am stoked. I think this is going to be epic and something to always remember and beyond that when folks ask if I have ever seen a total eclipse I will be able to say YES! Will you? – René




  1. Yes I’ll b I. Wyoming -either Casper or Douglas -flying in to Denver and driving to WY. My fiancé is an astronomy geek & he looked up the historically clearest days locations and WY fit his bill
    So I’m tagging along 🙂 plz share your charleston event! I want to visit 🙂
    Thanks for everything

  2. I live in Nashville! So don’t have to go anywhere. You must check out Nashville some time. It’s a great place.

  3. Nashville. Springfield, TN to be exact. I saw the 1963 total eclipse, when I was 6.

  4. Can we get some Boeing in while there? I think I’m in and I haven’t even checked my calendar. Question is annoying drive or burn voucher converted gift cards.

    Seriously DM me, not the closest viewing place but I could do Charleston

  5. We booked almost 2 years ago to be in the Willamette Valley south of Salem, OR, doing wine tasting and solar eclipse-viewing together. We considered Jackson Hole. WY, but the luxury hotels had 5 night minimums and/or were sold out over 3 years in advance.

  6. Ive enjoyed every visit to Charleston.
    Stop by the Angel Tree while you are there, it’s inspiring.

  7. I’m currently in Massachusetts but in the midst of relocating to Knoxville in July, so we might be taking a drive south that day to check this event out!

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