Should you take a Bus, Taxi or UBER from Gothenburg GOT Landvetter airport to downtown?

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Just inside the door!

Gothenburg’s (GOT) Landvetter airport is half an hour outside of town. That puts the noise of jets far away from the city center, but it also means you have to transit to get to where you want to be. The choices are simple and are cheap, reasonable and expensive.

Right outside baggage claim

The first one is the airport bus that is not part of the rest of the local bus / trolley system so you have to pay at a kiosk just before you walk outside. These kinds of automated units is a reason to have a Barclays Arrival+ card that has “real” chip-N-pin btw. The bus is 105:-SEK (at today’s exchange rate, ~$12.00) one-way and you can get off at a few stops downtown or go all the way to the central train station and go anywhere from there.

Next up you can still UberX (I thought they were gone) or UberBlack. The UberX is not bad at all if it is more than just you but keep in mind if you have bags you may run into issues with some of the very tiny cars UberX drivers use in Sweden.

I chose an UberBlack as we had 4 big bags plus 2 carry-ons and the driver was perfect and the Mercedes was clean, nice and he took us right to my cousin’s flat and despite road construction and a longer route than normal the fee was as quoted in the app. Nice!

Straight out from baggage claim

If you walk past the airport buses and the next island where UBER would pick you up you then have a new area for all the Taxis (rather than just outside as it was before).

New taxi stand at GOT

You will see two types of Taxis. One is Gothenburg Taxi and they tend to all drive Volvos and are the traditional old school quality taxi. The other are the sometimes cheaper but smaller and just not as nice an experience (you can read between the lines here).

I asked about a fixed price to my cousin’s and was quote 495:- SEK from the cheap guys! Ridiculous and was not pleasantly dismissed when I stammered at the high price. I turned and mentioned I would hail an UBER rather than pay that much.

Bottom line, if your phone works in Sweden, consider UBER or just take the bus downtown. – René


  1. The GOT cab drivers wanted 200SEK to go up the hill to the Landvetter hotel. Thankfully the hotel has a free shuttle.

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