René May Newsletter – I need a vacation: May stressed me out Delta!

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What an insane month! Delta, or I should say $DAL, is totally focused on keeping the mega income flowing in. Maybe the changes will be good for shareholders or maybe not – it all depends on us as paying customers. Will we stay or go? Let’s look at all the things that happened and what you may have missed:

➥ I am staying at more and more Marriotts than ever into my 20th year with Marriott Rewards.

➥ If you are just pulling a travel card you are not getting the MAX discount possible. Is there a better way?

➥ Why you should ask a Delta booking “pro” for your award travel!

Should Delta and other airlines censor movies? What about TV shows about airline crashes?

➥ Delta admits fault in kicking passengers off Maui to Los Angeles flight (smart move btw)!

➥ Is there “anything” you would do for points? Where would / do you draw the line?

➥ Now that BOGO certs can Delta Medallion upgrade – what is the “BEST” card for elites?

➥ A Word on Hotel Loyalty – Sunday guest post by Marshall Jackson

➥ No, you are not the only one getting strange bonus Delta MQMs (& maybe elite level issues)!

➥ The Top 10 “IT” fixes Delta Air Lines needs to do (or at least we wish they would do)!

➥ UPDATE: Delta / AMEX MQM weekend IT mess? This will take a while to fix for SkyMiles Medallions!

➥ Can I send / transfer my Delta points, awards, tickets etc. to someone else? Any workarounds? YES!

➥ Ruh Roh – Delta shrinking Delta One cabin on B777 by ~25% with addition of Premium Economy seats!

➥ My simple solution for tomorrow’s impending Laptop Ban from Europe!

➥ New [targeted] 250 Delta SkyMiles member survey is going out from Karen Zachary Managing Director, SkyMiles Global Program Management at Delta Air Lines

➥ New negative changes to Delta / AMEX elite MQM card bonus earnings & the workarounds!

FALSE ALARM (mostly) REG: Delta AMEX card MQM bonus boost earnings (per card)!

➥ What are the “dumbest” things you can do when flying Delta? You really should avoid these!

➥ Did you know coach seats are there just to fill up the airplane? A fascinating video of the economics of a jet!

➥ How I first got into the frequent traveler & points game – A Sunday guest post from Pointed Out!

➥ Let’s have some fun today. Finish this: “You might be an AVgeek if…

➥ Are the airlines primarily at fault for the ESA Emotional Support Animal problem? I think so!

➥ Why, one day, all the Delta CRJ200s really MUST go away (and that day must come soon)!

➥ Is there a bag that really fits under your seat on a Delta CJR200? This roll aboard bag will!

➥ Should I take a bump when Delta calls me? Good call or bad choice?

➥ My Secret to Scoring a $6,000 Delta Bump Voucher (hint: I accidentally played chicken & won)!

New AMEX card lounge access, DL+LYFT, Dutch King KLM Pilot & more!

➥ Is this contraption really a fix for the Delta middle seat arm rest struggle issue? I am not so sure!

What is it like in LAX this week? Reader Chris tell us the “real” skinny on the Delta terminal move!

➥ Reminder: Do you keep checking your award flights for lower prices? You should!

➥ (Bug Alert) Is Delta now blocking access to seat-maps in other cabins / class of service? Plus some workarounds!

➥ Better, but not perfect. Delta Expands EPQS or the gate pillar boarding lanes in Atlanta.

➥ What is the most pathetic thing you can complain about with Delta? Here are my latest picks!

➥ Where will you be on August 21st? Will you be in an “eclipse” zone? (I will be)!

➥ What are your “rights” if Delta Forcibly Downgrades you after you Upgrade to 1st class or Delta One? – The dirty little secrets about Delta Medallion Regional & Global Upgrade certs.

➥ Delta “buddy pass” changes. #TeamBoardLast still working? IT meltdown ticket issues. Leg by Leg FCM & more!

➥ What exactly is a “soft landing” of your elite status? Will Delta ever only drop you just one level down?

➥ Delta backtracks on @Delta Twitter statement on “round the clock” meal times for 1st class flights!

➥ Tools to find the best seats on Delta Air Lines jets? What to avoid!

➥ Delta half fixes C+ Middle seat “upgrade” issue & more thoughts on leg by leg FCM changes.

➥ Just how far will Delta and the airlines take cabin segmentation. When will governments step in to stop the silly “you can choose not to sit here” airline argument?

➥ If I opt-out of Comfort Plus will it impact my Delta 1st class upgrade under new Delta upgrade rules?

➥ Maybe these TOP 10 airplane videos are ones you don’t want to watch just before you fly (scary stuff)!

➥ Is Sprint’s “free” international 2G service usable? What about the “fast” data pack upgrade? Worth it? You bet it is!

Doubletree Miami Airport by Hilton – a RenesPoints hotel review by Lisa

➥ Delta has obliterated Virgin Atlantic SkyMiles redemptions with latest no-notice devaluation!

➥ Should you take a Bus, Taxi or UBER from Gothenburg GOT Landvetter airport to downtown?

➥ Airline Elite status: Business travelers give up for 2018 – Leisure travelers shoot for Diamond?


I don’t know about you but I need a time out. A break. Can all the Delta people now that they have done so much in May just take June off? Please? – René



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