My Summer Project – Updating the NINE Delta SkyMiles Award Levels / Fares (…and you can help)!

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The old 2015 SkyMiles Award Chart

The last “official” Delta SkyMiles award charts from 2015 are still a good tool but the numbers are way off. When the above was released there were only 5 award levels vs. the 9 we now have (eight plus flash sale awards).

From user LBJ

What prompted this was a FlyerTalk thread and specifically user “LBJ” who took some time to tinker with Delta One transcon numbers. Take a look at the results:

Current vs. last published award charts

Disgusting Interesting changes over the past few years. Bottom line is simply this – we need the FULL award charts to compare and if Delta will not provide them openly then it is up to us to create them. So why not make it a collaborative effort?

I have created two new Google spread sheets that anyone can edit so I would love your help to fill in the numbers and verify my work and numbers. Here are the links:

Again, anyone can open, edit and help out. Please verify what fare class / award level you are posting by checking at the final step before checkout:

How to find the award fare code*

(* Note – On trips with more than one segment Delta will if you can not find the same award price for each segment due to “additive pricing” price EACH LEG as it’s own one-way award ticket resulting in your paying for example segment 1 as a level 1 award and segment 2 as a level 2 award. This will balloon the cost of your ticket price)

I am really excited about this and will be spending as much time as I can on it, but with the power of thousands of readers I bet we can make short order work of this project and then also keep it up to date. Thanks in advance for helping provide what Delta should do for those of us who care about the value of our SkyMiles! – René


PS – This is a work in progress so I will update post as we go! 🙂



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  1. Excellent!
    Uhhhhhhh I don’t think you want me to
    Play with numbers, though
    Words, yesNumbers, no
    Thank you for your
    Incentive assistance you are the BEST

  2. Last night booked three round trip PHX-AZO tickets for 22,000 miles each. Is there a way to determine the fare code after booking?

  3. Rene`, thx for all your hard work. This is my first post. I managed to snag three Z r/t tckts for my daughter and our two gkids from BOS to VCE via AMS for a family wedding in late Sept for 140K miles ea. Unfortunately, my son-in-law had to purchase his tkt @ $2,400. I think this is a good use of my miles.
    BTW: I charged my s-i-l’s tckt to my AMEX Plat to max out points (5x).
    thx again

  4. @ArmyMI75 – Thanks and nice work! I agree, nice use of your miles and nice earning 5x on the other one!

  5. I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I currently have 2 one way returns from St. Maarten to ATL for next January at 17,500 each.
    I also had 2 one way award tickets from ATL to Liberia, Costa Rica for this past January for 17,500 each. Even got a bump to 1st class and we are only lifetime Gold.

  6. @Barbara C – Caribbean upgrades are often quite easy for elites depending on the day. This year GCM is hard due to so many changing plans from other places hit by storms like SXM etc.

  7. I’m seeing new fare code like YSN on some of my main cabin searches…

  8. @Rene-

    Have you been seeing outrageously high priced domestic award tickets lately? Cant tell you the last time I have seen a LV1-3 going anywhere. Was just looking up ticket to LAS and SEA and saw 100,000+ mile awards. Is there a devaluation around the corner?

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