Delta people believe the “fake news” from CORP – The OPT-OUT fix can not come soon enough!

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I think it is safe to say, if you are a regular or even semi-regular Delta flyer, you have had some kind of issue (irop, equipment swap, etc.) that has resulted in either your exit row seat or your carefully chosen aisle C+ seat going POOF and then an email comes from Delta that tells you “congratulations” on your upgrade to a middle seat in C+. GGGRRRRRRR!

Fake “upgrade” e-mail from Delta

Then, to make it even worse, when you politely ask a Delta rep to move you from the horrid middle seat the company employee says something like:

“You should be happy, you got an upgrade”

At this point, if you have them, you need to pop some blood pressure pills because you may stroke out right there in front of the Delta rep. They actually believe the company pile of horse manure they have been fed that A) C+ is any different from any other seat in coach and B) that a middle seat is EVER an upgrade. They even say it with a smile (talk about #KeepDescending worthy). 🙁

Promising news from reader Steve!

Recently Delta touted, with the latest IT updates, that we have much more control to manually downgrade ourselves to main cabin if we are not pleased with our wiz-bang-middle-seat-upgrade. The only issue here has been the recent problem that Delta is blocking access to see what seats are open in any other cabin but the one we are in, making a manually approved upgrade to C+ by us a challenge because we have to do a fake booking to see the real seat map.

From FlyerTalk about C+ “upgrades”

Well Delta IT be praised – help may FINALLY be on the way and Delta may stand ready to do what plucky Alaska Air has done from the start – that is, allow us the ability to opt-out of middle seat “upgrades” soon. I have reached out to Delta PR reps to confirm this IT change is really in place for gate agents and on the way for us soon but have received no response so far. However, this FlyerTalk user has been reliable in the past so I am guessing this one is true at least as far as gate agents go (maybe those flying today can ask if they have this ability now)?

Bottom line I really wish Delta reps would stop saying things that make them look like idiots. I know they are simply spouting the company propaganda, or fake news, about C+ seats (and other issues) and that the fault ultimately lands with the top brass in the end yet the result is the same. What do you say about all of this? Have you complained to the mothership yet? – René





  1. I noticed this Monday that the upgrade selections for my flight yesterday had changed on the website. Now when selecting a C+ upgrade, it includes the ability to opt out of the middle seat,

  2. Oh, great, now there is some Delta executive who grew up pulling the wings off of flies cursing that IT screwed up and removed his middle seat passenger torture device. Now this executive may concoct something worse, like ordering the removal of the seating chart (like Delta did with the Skymiles award chart) thus making all passengers play seating roulette.

  3. I was flying DTW to BNA last week and initially picked an exit seat. After check in it appeared my chances of a first upgrade were high AND I found I was able to choose window C+ bulkhead (the only seat I find better or at least equivalent to exit). Anyway, I did get upgraded to first but it was nice to see I had flexibility to choose a C+ seat without being unexpectedly thrown into the middle. (Note: I never opt in for C+ upgrades, only first).

  4. Well I had been saying it for some time. Hiwever today is the day!

    Effective “June 15, 2017 , Medallion Members traveling alone who are not opted in to receive automatic Delta Comfort+ upgrades will now have the ability to request a Delta Comfort+ upgrade to any available seat or only a window/aisle seat when checking in for a flight at or at an airport kiosk.” (per Delta)

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